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Few Questions
15:05:39 Jun 4th 13 - Mr. Dragon Tamer:

When Orcs use burn and destroy option they seem to loose morale? Why is that?
Is it then not good to use burn and destroy option?

When Orcs attack a city, they make the victim scared, lowering their morale. Trolls are supposed to be just as scary as Orcs, and they should also be eating flesh. Why dont they lower morale?

How many soldiers die when Ocs when they use force march? Is it worth it?

Does destroying mines for Dwarf plunders happens randomly or is it every attack?

15:08:52 Jun 4th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Zealot):

Answers to the questions in order:

B&D is useful.

Cuz it's a game, we don't need logic.

Not 100% sure as I'm never an orc, but I think it's like: every soldier has a 1% chance to die. Or something like that.

I think only cavers destroy mines and take gold when plundering.

18:39:32 Jun 4th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

B&D is best used with smalller armies or if you have a 100% morale city nearby so you can merge your army you used for B&D into the new army.

17:30:29 Jun 5th 13 - Dakarta (Duke Kraven):

OR.. If you're going through a raid in an enemies core, where you probably won't be able to hold the cities and/or it's an econ city that you can't hold, so they'll have to build it again.

00:58:28 Jun 6th 13 - Elite (Mr. Elite I):

Force march is very useful but very costly on big armies, you should only use it to get an extra tick on your army movement. ive never done the maths but I think its a random percentage between 1% - 10% (just a guess) that you lose for every tick.

But with small armies, its incredibly useful and the losses are pretty insignificant, with scouts for example, you can have them constantly on force march and you wont lose them.

05:40:55 Jun 6th 13 - Ms. Tuffy:

It should be 5% of your army dies on force march. 

Per Tick. 

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