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Firefox Scripts
10:40:38 Jul 26th 09 - Prince Highwayman:

First question:  are they allowed for VU?

if so, second question:

Does anyone have any good ones we could all use?

11:20:59 Jul 26th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic Duh Mad Hatter:

My understanding is No they are not allowed

23:52:20 Jul 26th 09 - Sir Brannigans Law:

how can he stop you

03:39:47 Jul 27th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic Duh Mad Hatter:

ban your ip is one way

03:51:12 Jul 27th 09 - Duke Slade:

Depends on what the script is for!

03:59:17 Jul 27th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic Duh Mad Hatter:

Duke Slade

what could a script do on VU that would not violate the no scripts

01:51:18 Aug 1st 09 - VU Admin:

What will the script be used for?

15:44:48 Aug 1st 09 - Prince Highwayman:

The sort of thing I would find most useful would be to collect visible information from each Kd member to sort in one master spreadsheet.  For example, total troops in production.  Essentially the script would add a "send to" button to each page.  Idea of collecting visible information is to ensure script is not accessing the main game server but is simply collecting information which can already be seen.

17:37:43 Aug 1st 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

like utopia angel

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