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Freeze Question
23:02:54 Nov 8th 09 - Lord Wraith:

Casting Freeze from ****** upon Eruka with 54% chance of success... and Successful!
Eruka, owned by Mr. Ares Maliusbum is already so frozen so that its not possible to freeze it any more!

What the hell just happened?! xD

23:14:26 Nov 8th 09 - Fire Lord Nova The Mzztical Mzzfit:

Never seen that message before....
Not able to redo freezes before they wear off. EAW! =(

23:15:07 Nov 8th 09 - Lord Wraith:

I'm just too cool then? ;)
I think 'twas pretty awesome.. :D

23:48:34 Nov 8th 09 - Endless Despair:

How many times did you freeze that city before you got that message?

23:52:47 Nov 8th 09 - Lord Wraith:

Honestly? No idea :P
Ask him ;)

00:30:10 Nov 9th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

i hope thats a city not an army :|

07:09:29 Nov 9th 09 - Lord Wraith:

If that was an army, I think I'd deserve an award :')

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