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Giving away custom titles
03:40:50 Dec 21st 09 - Sir Khain Dragonborn:

1. Is it possible to donate and gain a custom title but to give it to another account?

For example if I wanted to give someone a custom title for christmas. Can I donate 40$ and then have them recieve the benefit for my donation?

IF the answer to the abvove question is; YES, then the following question is as follows:
2. HOW can I make this happen? (please describe the steps if you know the answer)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me

the one and only

04:00:09 Dec 21st 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

send zeta a message, im pretty sure he will be willing to do it for ya

04:07:42 Dec 21st 09 - Lord Onslaught The Sexciest:

1.) Yes my slow friend.


Research in advance and maybe you can enlighten yourself for once.

The one and only

04:26:34 Dec 21st 09 - Grand Ape Kongdust:

@ Onslaught, that wasn't really his question.

I agree with Stewie, message Zeta about it

04:29:51 Dec 21st 09 - Lord Onslaught The Sexciest:

It really did answer his question though, assuming he looked at, and read, the whole page.

13:09:53 Dec 21st 09 - Sir Khain Dragonborn:

Thank you Lord Stewie Griffin and Grand Ape Kongdust. I shall message Zeta about it.

13:28:51 Dec 21st 09 - Mr. Kobuskan:

That would open some great possibilities, i know some nice titles to give to Penquin

13:47:00 Dec 21st 09 - Mr. Unban Dropkick:

all you need to do is put in the ruler name and the new title. just as lord onslaught the sexciest said

13:48:19 Dec 21st 09 - Mr. The Avenger:

@ kob - There is many titles we can give peng

14:56:46 Dec 21st 09 - Warchief Yurnero:


With paypal you can send via your credit card or from an existing paypal account. Click on the button below to go to paypal.

Your rulername: <----- (Your buddies ingame nick)
Your new title:

And onslaught really is on to something about tardiness....

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