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Halfling and a Troll Question
13:33:01 Mar 21st 13 - Micwu (Mr. Godo Shaggins):

1.) Does it have to be only adventurers in your army to find things?


2.) At what rate do Zerkers kill your troops?

13:34:25 Mar 21st 13 - al (Mr. al X):

1) no-doesn't need to to be a pure advent army, but you wont find treasure without them

13:48:28 Mar 21st 13 - Micwu (Mr. Thorik Gunblade):

So if I have 10k advents and 1 pony my advents will still find things then? That's cool.

00:33:44 Mar 22nd 13 - Mr. The Little One:

Yeah. Aslong as you have the adventurers.

Experience helps a bunch on the army. So it's worth attacking at lower % to get experience

02:51:17 Mar 22nd 13 - Pure (Sir Josh Reed):

1. Same answer as been stated

2. I dont believe anyone has calculated it before due to it having too many variables, dice roll, military science, amount of zerks + other troops etc etc. But best way to get around is to get your mage to aotd you.

03:05:14 Mar 22nd 13 - Micwu (Mr. Thorik Gunblade):

Does a higher military science equal less deaths per tick? I don't have a mage in my kingdom at the moment.

03:39:49 Mar 22nd 13 - al (Mr. Old Scratch):

Does a higher military science equal less deaths per tick?

No medicine science controls injured death rates post battle - military science controls injured vs dead ratio from battle

07:25:06 Mar 22nd 13 - Micwu (Mr. Godo Shaggins):

So a higher medicine science would make a trolls berserkers not kill each other as much?

08:07:15 Mar 22nd 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):


08:21:22 Mar 22nd 13 - Pure (Sir Josh Reed):

Med science has nothing to do with it. Med science only increases the amount of troops you get back from injuries + at a faster rate.

Military science does however, the higher the military science the more injuries you get and less deaths. This is handy if you dont have a mage that can cast aotd on you.

14:28:34 Mar 22nd 13 - Micwu (Mr. Thorik Gunblade):

Okay, thank you all

14:34:36 Mar 22nd 13 - Zond (Sir Killa Lotta Hoes):

your welcome

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