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Have you noticed.......?
08:47:16 Apr 5th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

have you noticed that it doesnt display the title of the leader of a merge..
for example:

pez & co (merged)

army info
commander:pirate lewathakingdom banner
size:brigade (around 5000)
status:moving north west

merged armies

owned by lewatha

owned by mr. formatieduiker

owned by mr. kilroy killinger

shadowhound garde
owned by demonic entity

the first legion
owned by duke azaruc

owned by mr. formatieduiker

piss off
owned by mr. formatieduiker

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spirit shroud & co (merged)

army info
commander:duke azaruckingdom banner
size:regiment (2000-4000)

merged armies

spirit shroud
owned by azaruc

owned by mr. kilroy killinger

fiery dragon & co (merged)

army info
commander:ms. jadekingdom banner
kingdom:sarafan knights
size:battalion (500-1500)
status:moving west

merged armies

fiery dragon
owned by jade

owned by duke palamedes

09:19:30 Apr 5th 09 - Mr. Pineapple:

Does it matter?

09:24:03 Apr 5th 09 - Chancellor Ademo:


10:03:19 Apr 5th 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

i have the same opinion of pineapple on this one.....

11:52:26 Apr 5th 09 - Dark Lord Osiris:

clearly the leader is the one whos army is in the merge name so why do you need to have the word changed?

12:03:40 Apr 5th 09 - Mr. Seloc:

No Osi the title is not there you now. "Pirate" "Mr" "Mrs"

12:06:39 Apr 5th 09 - Dark Lord Osiris:

ahh i misread his first post :p thought he said it doesnt display whos the leader of the merge ^^

21:16:11 Apr 5th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

shush....english isnt my first language XD

21:21:13 Apr 5th 09 - VU Admin:

nah, you are just crazy!

21:34:24 Apr 5th 09 - Sir Santa:


arm ii & co (merged)

army info
commander:mr. luciferkingdom banner
size:brigade (around 5000)

merged armies

arm ii
owned by mr. lucifer

owned by mr. bobson

owned by mr. dragon

he's right! you are crazy! :o

01:17:44 Apr 6th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

VU Admin


4/5/2009 1:21:13 PM
nah, you are just crazy!

Lmao thanx for fixing it Admin! =)

11:01:30 Apr 13th 09 - Mr. Einskaldir:

duh commander 'insert name' is the leader of the merge

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