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Highscore Production
20:28:00 Oct 29th 11 - Mr. Zenchi Senkusha III:

Is there a reason why Production doesn't have a spot on the high score menu?

21:29:34 Oct 29th 11 - Princess Aisha:

Why would you want others to know your production?
You could be a considered a target if you're on top of the HoH, or people would see who the farmers in the game are, and some might not want that?
Not to mention 90% of these scores would be Dwarfs... no point in this :)

21:44:10 Oct 29th 11 - Mr. Peabody The Teacher:

Well, again, halfers would own this very very early on, then dwarves take over with humans popping in here and there.... Orcs, trolls, and elves simply can't compete in this. lol

00:45:33 Oct 30th 11 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

It's because in every world I played, my name would be #1 in a matter of hours after I landed. So really, there is no point. If it makes you feel better, imagine a list with me on top, and yourself at about #35.

01:32:05 Oct 30th 11 - Jenna (Ms. Jennaside):

I dont want to imagine you on top of anything.  :D

07:01:34 Oct 30th 11 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Iesus Rex):

You have to admit Jill, I am the best farmer you know. :P

13:03:09 Oct 30th 11 - Mr. Uther Pendragon:

I would be at the top without even being on the world in which the score is kept. :P

09:26:08 Oct 31st 11 - Mr. Zenchi Senkusha III:

Never said anything about letting anyone know how much your worth.  Doesn't telling people who has the most land and biggest bad army tell an equal amount of info.

09:33:24 Oct 31st 11 - Mr. Data Dog:

My beef with the idea is that it heavily favors a certain race just because that's their perk. Mostly telling us who the good dwarves and humans farmers are, which is sorta pointless. *shrugs*

05:47:18 Nov 3rd 11 - Mr. Uther Pendragon:

I agree with you there. The scores are very heavy towards land, but if you kill enough and take enough then your score will go up.

12:23:03 Jan 7th 12 - Mr. Koss:

i very long time ago on the hoh list long before most fearsome there used to be "most lucrative city

15:03:18 Jan 7th 12 - Idiot First Class (Mr. Hammered Fail):

I'm always on top

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