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How HOH is counted
18:51:02 May 22nd 09 - Lady Quiet Tone:

a fast question

Army command center

One Million with 400605 soldiers awaiting your orders, my Lady...

The enemy has 429062 soldiers armed with Magic weapons and mithril armor. They have 0 peasants traveling with them. We have 71% chance winning this battle.

enemy is
Shockwave Pulsar
owned by Sir Twelve Inch Cucumber

4hoh army in fantasia. he has ~29k troops more but im stronger with my 400k ams and im not even HOH. his army isnt full zerks so i have way more lvl 5 troops. so by this  it means zerks give more points?, could anyone if has time to explain every bit of it ?
Thanks, please no flaming

19:19:52 May 22nd 09 - Lady Loud Tone:

Naz give most posts, followed by Zerks... gaia give lowest points I believe.

02:36:31 May 23rd 09 - Mr. Gawaine:

Farmers give lowest points actually. Plus Quiet, it ALWAYS says soldiers armed with Magic weapons and mithril armor from level 5 military and up. So he may have a massive military to use against you. Think of it this way, 10 military is double attack and defense, so Warlords are 20/20 unlike before, thus giving them a better chance against your troops. You still have the upper hand though, because he probably has a good number of MU's in that pushing it away from the cap. power it could have if it was ALL fighting units and no MU's.

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