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How do I delete an account
00:38:02 Feb 23rd 12 - Mr. Slip:

I died, suicided all my characters and wanted to play latha as a sandbox for a while. Too much exp so I went to delete and make another account. It doesnt let you delete last character but there isnt a box for me to delete the account on character setting...

09:46:32 Feb 24th 12 - Dragon (Sir Phelan Kell):

Send zeta a letter asking him to delete that account.

21:57:41 Feb 24th 12 - Ms. Ellemere:

Created a new account. I sent hi an email weeks ago asking about it and haven't gotten a response.

01:12:36 Feb 25th 12 - Ms. Ellemere:

There are four people on the world. They aren't any players to bash, that's what Mogrox is for. I just never skilled an elf before and wanted some peace and quiet to do it.

18:55:09 Feb 29th 12 - Mithras (Mr. Fitz of Arunun):

You'll learn more by playing it under normal circumstances than by playing in a scenario you'll never find on any of the higher worlds, find someone who knows what they're doing playing that race and get some advice. No point making a new account to do that whatsoever.

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