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How to deal with low morale
10:04:41 Sep 29th 12 - Mr. Zombie:

So I took a city from a Dwarf, 90k city, fully built

Probably last city because morale was around 30%
Still is, day after...

Casting happiness costed our mage mages and towers and got me only 3% up
Destroying buildings would not get me anywhere because its built within a mountain so I would not be able to build anything else... Or would I considering I am Dwarf too? Would the town keep its original 90k size if I destroy something? I was told if city is taken it looses the ability to expand, but I might test that to see if I can build any taverns.

Question is does a sole presence of an army increase the morale? What should I do? Please advise.

15:59:01 Sep 29th 12 - Mr. Gohan:

It won't revolt if you train all the peasants that were in the city when you took it... Otherwise you'd have to have one troop there for every 5 peasants I believe.  But if you took it and all the peasants left then just have to wait for it to rise itself and it won't revolt.  And if you take a dwarf city, and you're not a dwarf destroying buildings will result in you not being able to build more since it loses the ability to expand as others have told you.  So, either happiness the city or just wait :p

16:44:50 Sep 29th 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

If I am not mistaken, casting happiness on a city raises the city's morale to a maximum of +30% over current morale. It depends on your (or your mage's) casting power as well. Casting with a small amount of power will only raise morale by a miniscule amount.

01:41:53 Oct 2nd 12 - Sir Cadmus IX:

The beatings shall continue until morale improves.

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