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How to get peasants faster
19:32:45 Aug 31st 12 - Mr. Assasin The Silent:

Is there a way to get peasants faster but without messing up the whole game tactic... For example I know you get peasants faster with medicine science, but I want to do medicine later, rainbowing science would just cost me too much later to do military or magic... 

I know you can build taverns to get morale up, but does it get peasants, and if so, how fast, is it worth it, as taverns later on have no purpose really... ?
Is there a trick that people use, like if you put army in town, will that get people faster or what can I do ?

19:53:12 Aug 31st 12 - Mr. Bran:

i beleive by having more homes and jobs you can increase pes rates. cant think of any other factors besides science

20:09:13 Aug 31st 12 - Mr. Assasin The Silent:

Well, I do have enough homes, quite alot actually

I built alot of homes hoping the peasants would come faster so I can continue with mines... I dont really know what is the ratio they would increase, I did not build I think whole day and I was expecting peasants to be above 36%

Houses 25 people.
In construction:0
Homes filled:36%

Each mine produces around 5 gold per day and around 4 stone per day.
In construction:0

20:22:52 Aug 31st 12 - Endless (Ms. Getone):

try building 1:1 and once you reach max homes for your city size switch to 1:5

20:28:36 Aug 31st 12 - Mr. Bran:

work out how many homes you will have when your town is finished, and concentrate on getting that many homes, just keep your employment at 100% and make sure you have a decent initial income before buying too many homes

00:18:32 Sep 1st 12 - Mr. Sethos:

you are halfling right? well halfling also have a slower pez growth rate than the other races.. want more peasants? plunder, get slaves, and turn them into peasants...

also you could do what bran and endless say

05:29:52 Sep 1st 12 - Mr. Yoija:

The best way to get peasants in the city faster is Human.For them peasants move into the city 10% faster.

02:57:32 Sep 2nd 12 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

also, medicine science gives a boost to peasant growth

06:02:27 Sep 2nd 12 - Mr. Super Duper:

I would advise going to at least 7 medicine science as your starting science at the beginning of the era. This will let you get way ahead of the curve and keep you ahead into late game, so you can Kick Some Butt ;)

06:05:27 Sep 2nd 12 - Mr. Master Blaster:

I have to agree with Super Duper, I tested that one era and I was powerful enough to sway a war my kingdom was heavily losing into our favour, eventually overpowering the opposing kingdom and winning the war, and we went on to win the era.

Without using the early medicine sci strat we would have definitely lost that war.

13:24:08 Sep 2nd 12 - Mr. Bran:

VU is such a helpful community!

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