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How to use market
20:37:49 Jun 25th 13 - Mr. Dragon Tamer:

I wanted to ask, how can I use market in my advantage, can someone explain that to me? I have seen on forums that people mention its possible to in a way control the market, by selling something expensive, if there are no resources on the market, you sell it for 3 each and wait for 15-30 minutes to appear, and then you are able to keep putting stuff on market for even higher price to get the price up?

Then I noticed someone said its possible to use that technique to sell resources in auto buy to native people, at high price. For example if you have stuff at 4 each, and there is nothing else on market, then as I understand its possible to sell it all to native people for a high price, is it half of it, means 2 each?

So for example, if I have 100 million tree at end of an era, have no use of it, and thinking how do I get rid of the tree. Can I use this method to sell my tree to native people, and if this works, can someone explain step by step what is the method? 

01:31:01 Jun 26th 13 - NazT (Mr. Tuukka Rask):

Selling to Natives.

Natives will buy food for 1gold per food, if market is empty, or price if market average price is 2 or more

Natives will buy stone for .599 gold per stone, if market is empty, or if market average price is 1.2 or higher

Natives will buy tree for 1.349 gold per tree, if market is empty, or if market average price is 2.7 or more

if the market average is below those numbers, then you can sell to natives for half of market average.

to figure out market average sell small amounts and see what the highest amount natives will buy at. might take a while to figure out. also sometimes not always when you sell too high to market the market tells you it cant be more then 25% the market average and gives you a value at 125% market average. divide by 5 to get 25% times 2 to get 50% market value.

if the natives don't buy right away sell a little more at same ratio might rake a couple tries to trigger the natives to buy

as for boosting the price I think you need 2 people working together to do that. ive only really seen it done to lower and raise slave prices. and that was long ago I don't think you can boost as high as you used to be able to 6 years ago



01:31:28 Jun 26th 13 - NazT (Mr. Tuukka Rask):

49.99 for slaves sorry forgot

03:49:44 Jun 26th 13 - Pure (Sir Binh The Orc):

The increasing of the market price all it needs to be is you on the market, I'll use tree as an example.

On an empty tree market sell 100 for 375 (The max price it can go on an empty market), when it appears sell another 100 for something like 500 increasing the overall price to 4.37 per tree. and then repeat with higher rates until you get to the desired price you want to sell all your tree at (Where you would then say sell 10,000,000 tree for 4.37 or whatever price you have the market at)

You do have to wait for the previous sale to be visible on the market so keep that in mind

04:33:20 Jun 26th 13 - Elite (Mr. Elite):

And each time you add more resources you will have to wait another 35-155 min for it to appear on the market.

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