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How to use slaves
22:07:56 Aug 7th 11 - Mr. Gert:

Can someboady tells me how to use slaves I transfere them to hte city but I can't set them to work.I put the number of the slaves to work and I pres build but nothing happends 0 slaves are working like workers.

Please help me.

22:50:51 Aug 7th 11 - The Wolflord (Mr. Whoami):

I think they need to be in the tool bar, not the city to use them to build.

00:59:56 Aug 8th 11 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic Lucky Number XIII):

they would work either way if you put them in the box... sometimes you dont have enough slaves to even decrease build time by 1 day if you have a high land count

01:07:37 Aug 8th 11 - Puppy The Kitten Squisher:

You can use either. It will take as much of it can from the box and then take the remainder needed for what you entered from the town. 

Need 10 per building, or else you will not get the full, or in some cases, any building time reduction. 

01:25:30 Aug 8th 11 - Princess Bloodrayne:

Maybe the problem is that he's trying to put them in city while there's nothing building? Gert you have to put something into construction, then before clicking "build" you have to put the number of slaves you want to use in that construction, and those slaves will increase the speed of building those constructions...

02:20:03 Aug 8th 11 - Mr. Droopy:

Ah.... the simplest thing would be the one I overlooked. lol

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