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I dont know what race IdLike
04:30:48 Dec 8th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Crypt):

I've tried Troll, Dwarf, Halfling and orc. I'll give my experience in a brief paragraph with all four, and then my play style. And would love for an opinion.

So, my first era ever here in VU, I was a troll named Mr Trollz for Stormcloaks. It was mostly a passive era for me, because it was my first. I didn't see the advantage in being troll until I knew about the AOTD berserker army, I got a few captured cities and killed armies with it, even though we still lost. It was a decent experience, but I think they should be buffed.

On a different character, I was a Dwarf on Zeta, solo'ing Dexter the Serial Killer. I lasted for a week or so until I died. For a new player, I liked it, they seemed to be good farmers, the strategy I learned was farm till 650 or so thousand income, then spend half on military and start farming huge armies. Overall, I liked them.

For halfling, I've always had a good farming experience, but personally, unless it's dwarf, I don't like farming much. I didn't like it.. overall, besides advents..

When I was orc, I didn't really like it because they had no income bonus, and ogres seemed a little overcostly despite how fast they're trained, I loved being able to win most battles because of the speedy production of troops, but it lacked a little.. something for me. It was too straightforward and brutish. Too one goal only-ish..

So, now on to my playstyle. Even though I'm in my own kingdom, I like to secure my own little area to myself. I've always wanted to be a blocker provider, but I also love the use of magic. I enjoy always being more defensive but also being able to have a slight advantage to lumber production, considering I never seem to get enough. I was thinking elf would suit me, and it sounds like it would. 


04:37:28 Dec 8th 12 - Mr. Run Wit Chocolates:

Elves are slow in just about everything. From training, to economy - slow. Sure, their archers are amazing. The little magic boost is nice as well. 

They're amazing late era if you have high magic and a big army filled with AMS

04:39:49 Dec 8th 12 - Fordius (Mr. Fordius):

Why not implent a random button?

That will randomly select a race for you, it's obvious that alot of people have trouble chosing for a race as everything has it's benefits and disadvantages. At those moment I would play about anything and that's why it should have a random button :) 

Make it a suprise as what to play hehe.

04:41:52 Dec 8th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Unf):

I think I'm gonna try elf, I really like them.I  have a question, when building into a forest with a mountain on the other side, does it get the mountain's bonus too?

04:42:53 Dec 8th 12 - Niveko (Mr. Niv):

You should try elf and see how you like it. They are great with magic and Arch Mages are good late era, and archers will help with your defense problem. Lumber shouldn't be a problem, just build some more LM or buy it on the market, it has been really cheap on the worlds I have been playing on recently. 

Don't forget to try human at least once, never know you might end up liking them. They are pretty well rounded. 

I tend to play a lot of different races, but go back to my favorites (which seems to be elf).

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