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Is using cavemasters worth it
14:29:18 Oct 22nd 11 - Sir Justanius Fontainius:

isit economical anymore? The question title gives away the question i mean i have missed alot of the changes of the game because i was away from the game, many era's ago cavemasters was what dwarves where expected to produce to better there income.

15:26:33 Oct 22nd 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Mr. Theron II of The Dales):

Ive never seen an update to say its changed , however i dont play dwarf so im not sure 

16:19:18 Oct 22nd 11 - Prince of Darkness:

OMFG!!!! JUSTANIUS!!! you nooblar! hows you? :P

But yes they are still worth it :)

17:53:37 Oct 22nd 11 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

Hi Justanius, is RD coming back? :P

17:54:33 Oct 22nd 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Ashes Revelation):

I trained 5000 Cavemasters in my city and noticed about a 1k difference so I would say no.

18:07:47 Oct 22nd 11 - Zond (Sir Suck):

You must do the math, and get the right number per city size with mines and homes right. Once production is max its very worth it

18:57:56 Oct 22nd 11 - Idiot First Class (Mr. Nooooobish Hammer):

The ratio is different per house to mine, as you have to now have 6 workers per mine instead of the 5, the 6th worker being of course the cavemaster. And yes, if done right, it is very, very worth it..... lol

07:05:32 Oct 30th 11 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Iesus Rex):

Definitely worth it, not quite as much if you are using 90k cities as you lose some tax, but even then, cavers are good.

Also good having them in armies, means you get more money when pillaging cities.

I don't know why i'm telling you this. Dwarf is my race, they are useless, you should all play human or elf. :P

11:55:23 Oct 30th 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Rudimentary):

Lol they also blow up enemy mines if they are in your army.. not the best when taking cities but if only plundering can be nice :p

16:06:26 Oct 30th 11 - Puppy The Infamous Canine:

They don't blow up mines when merely taking towns, last I checked. 

02:15:06 Oct 31st 11 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Iesus Rex):

Yeah, pretty sure it's only plundering when they destroy mines.

10:04:48 Dec 3rd 11 - Sir Justanius Fontainius:

well thats just a really puzzeled response it was years ago when we use to build 90k cities with a different ratio and fill them with cavers so we could have more production in comparison to our cost of troops, as you remember cost of troops was linked to number of buildings. ever since they changed that i thought there is no point of cavemasters anymore....any dwarves in the house with a real example from last era or era before of using cavers?


and DR maybe in the summer ;)

14:00:50 Dec 3rd 11 - MUSE (Mr. Nero):

worth it, usefull + extra defence in the city

16:30:46 Dec 3rd 11 - Ms. Harris:

It's a simple sum. In my cities right now, I have a mine production of 16 gold and 12 stone. That is 90k and as close to the mountains as possible. If I take my cavemasters out of the city, that is 11 gold and 6 stone. I don't believe those numbers, because they are rounded numbers.

I believe the numbers in the production tab, because they have never lied to me.

First I look at the gold, my income in that city is, 1,129,638, without cavers, 830,176. The difference is 299,462 and I have 72,589 cavers. That's 4,125 gold per caver. I also have 72,589 mines, so that is 11.43 gold per mine.

So a mine makes 2.77 more gold then a cavers.

The price of a cavers is 1,000, So to make cavers effective (at the gold side of things) the price of a mine needs to be 2,770. So you can make the decision yourself.

Now the stone side of things, my stone production in that city is, 838,118, without cavers, 469,395, difference is 368,723. Same store as above, 5.07 gold per caver, 6.46 gold per mine.

So a mine makes 1,27 more stone then a caver.

The difficulty is putting stone into the equation, I sell my stone most of the times for anything between 0.85 and 0.95, so I will take 0.9 as an example.

The ratio between stone and gold is 6 (in that buildings cost 6 times more gold then stone)(On my account). With this information I can calculate at what building cost you need to switch to cavemasters.

1000 gold per cavemaster, 143 in stone, 857 in gold (building cost ratio). Because I sell my stone for 0.9 this is skewed though. So that factor needs in the stone as well. That becomes 158 then.

If I then calculate how much gold and stone mines make more then cavers I come at a building cost of 181 stone and 2373 gold. So that's then roughly the building cost at which it's optimal to make cavemasters.

Ofcourse, this simple calculation is not the only consideration you have to make. What if your mining city is close to a blocker? You can use is as a emergency army, or in time of need you can use the cavemasters to attack.

But there are more efficient troops.

14:07:37 Dec 4th 11 - Sir Justanius Fontainius:

Harris you are a saviour thank you very much, you have answered my question.

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