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Keeping selected CityArmy
06:19:49 Nov 21st 12 - Mr. Yukan:

Is there a way to keep the city or army you have selected in the scroll bar there for when you refresh?

 I dislike having to go through the dozens of names in each of them (Especially because the names randomly move pretty much each time I look through them).

06:48:35 Nov 21st 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

I don't know of any ways. I'm sorry. I'm sure this should be implemented. I feel the same way

18:49:09 Nov 21st 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

So you are trying to maintain the same army selected when you refresh, if so perform an action with the desired army like moving it.

20:48:31 Nov 21st 12 - Mr. Yukan:

I actually want to do that with the cities because I would like to have my armory selected instead of a random town that I conquered...

20:54:53 Nov 21st 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

build buildings or train troops on the desired city.

21:41:14 Nov 21st 12 - Endless (Ms. Archangel):

what he said, 

also if an army it defaults to the last one you moved so replot the army (although you may not want to do that)

22:20:42 Nov 21st 12 - Mr. Yukan:

"build buildings or train troops on the desired city."

If that worked I wouldn't have asked about this lol...

*Same for the army one, it goes to a random one I haven't moved in days*

00:07:30 Nov 22nd 12 - Endless (Ms. Fabulous Fifty):

it normally works, perhaps it's a browser issue for you

00:09:05 Nov 22nd 12 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

I'm working on it ...

00:09:14 Nov 22nd 12 - Zond (Mr. Horus Beater):

I agree with Endless. (havent said that in a long time, feels weird.)

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