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20:36:30 Jan 30th 10 - Prince Smile Now:

Is there a reason that every time i try to upload a picture it says "thy who seek will find... 404 error

20:44:16 Jan 30th 10 - Mr. Antyany:

We have that too

20:48:46 Jan 30th 10 - Prince Smile Now:

And yes i have cleared my cookies

20:59:15 Jan 30th 10 - Mr. Michael Buble:

i even tried yelling at my laptop, nothing seems to work

19:02:02 Jan 31st 10 - Prince Smile Now:

Ok this error still isn't fixed and I must say its quite annoying -_- People can barely tell who is in what kingdom unless you hover over every single city. Please fix this!!!!

23:01:04 Jan 31st 10 - Mr. Michael Buble:

agreed, cmon zeta this is irritating!!

23:42:03 Jan 31st 10 - Sir Burninglegion:

Ugh why cant i upload my flag

00:14:24 Feb 1st 10 - Mr. Michael Buble:

thy who seek will find...      404 Error

00:17:56 Feb 1st 10 - Princess Aisha:

Maybe this might help;

Author Message
VU Admin


19:02:59 Dec 28th 09

1. Use a program like MsPaint, etc to create the banner. Save it as an JPEG/JPG image with height=100 and width=120 pixles.

2. Find out the address/name to your current banner:
Right click on  your current banner > properties > (Address/URL)


3. Contact the admin. Give him your current banner name (kingdom####.jpg).

4. Wait for the admin to delete your current banner

5. Upload your new banner

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01:05:30 Feb 1st 10 - Mr. Michael Buble:

we dont have a current banner, we wanna set our first banner!

04:10:30 Feb 1st 10 - Prince Smile Now:

@Aisha - We don't have a banner period.

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