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Kingdoms info
19:54:43 Oct 17th 13 - Lady Elisa Day:

What was the first kingdom created in this game?

What is the oldest kingdom that is still active?
Is there a kingdom that has been up for a long time, but lacks skill and activity, and people don't really know why its there?

Can leaving a kingdom in middle of an era be justified? If the kingdom is about to die and people flee, is that unhonorable or just frawn upon?

22:29:33 Oct 17th 13 - Mr. Eddy:

Unhonorable if you leave in middle of the Era. Stay and die like a man with your kingdom and leave next era.

23:41:34 Oct 17th 13 - Mr. Jew Binh Wrong:

Leaving without leaders approval is bad. sobad.

01:10:28 Oct 18th 13 - Bran (Duke Bran):

depends what you mean by 'frawn' up :p

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