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LVL 2 Blockage
04:16:15 Apr 21st 10 - The Architect:

Scout Terrain

Scouting terrain...
If we build a city here it would be able to hold 78400 buildings and lvl 2 blockage!

I used the scout terrain feature earlier this era several times, but I've never seen this blockage rating thing.  Is this an improvement that has not been released yet?  Or something that I just missed?  

What does it mean exactly?  How big is a level 2 blockage, or a level 1 blockage, or 3 or 4 or 5?  How high does it go?

Sooo many questions...

Oh, and the scout terrain feature is a donor thing.  If you've not donated you don't have access to it, so that might be why alot of you will have never heard of this.

04:24:00 Apr 21st 10 - Fire Lord Nova The Incinerator:

Yeah my guess it's a Dwarf and Elf thing now for donated accounts.
It would give you the max size for buildings in the city but there was no real way to tell how big the city would get visually for reasons like blocking. Now it does. =)

1 level per size of the city starting at 400 size up to 90k so 8 levels?


04:27:49 Apr 21st 10 - The Architect:

So we are assuming that the blocking size is directly correlated to the visual city size then?  If so, then I guess it's pretty simple.


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