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Latha and Beyond
20:25:32 Mar 9th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

Latha is not open to the top 9 maps but is it open to the other maps that get created after it?

20:33:17 Mar 9th 10 - Sir Lanoc:

No, I'm pretty sure it isn't.

22:51:08 Mar 9th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

its all on its own. so enjoy nub bashing buddy :P

21:41:35 Mar 10th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

lol not really, i am not as active... and there are good players here for the same reasons as me lol....

i am not enjoying this map at all... but i am ok with it cause i do not care much hehe...



03:05:08 Mar 11th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

What map is latha? 

03:19:28 Mar 11th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

lol sure ss.. not sure. ask him ;p

18:42:51 Mar 11th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

got to hell zondy you suck... :P


23:26:01 Mar 11th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

*goes and looks at hoh* hey hey, seems you are nub bashing! who sucks now :P

20:52:28 Mar 12th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

you are just jealous Zondy :)


23:24:46 Mar 12th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

of course :P i cant get any action really lol

01:47:27 Mar 13th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:

Zondy!!!!!!!! Hehe bet you wont know who I am :p although you do know me ;)

01:53:30 Mar 13th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

bart? :p if not, ive got no clue! lol and why you nub bashing too!

02:02:21 Mar 13th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:

Dam you haha :p You make it sound so bad!!! haha geez :p This takes a lot of skill mate ;)

03:46:46 Mar 13th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

lol it is kinda bad! though we all know why you 2 are there. practice makes perfect ;)

16:46:35 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Brad Pitt:

nub bashing? i am no nub! ive played 3 eras

18:15:42 Mar 14th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

never said you, unless ur the guy hes killing. then yes you!

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