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Magic spells
04:59:50 Oct 19th 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

If you cast a spell, Locust for example, would you lose more MU's if you had a large army of MU's, or will you lose fewer MU's if you had a small army of MU's?

I have the impression that more MU's is not always a good thing. If someone could give me some general pointers about this, that would be great, since I understand there aren't hard and fast rules (since we must consider army size, distance, enemy magic defense, MU's in enemy army, and more). 

Thanks VU peeps

05:19:29 Oct 19th 12 - Pure (Sir Pure The Mage):

You're correct, casting from an oversized army/city of Magic units/towers will increase losses and sometimes you don't to cast with max Magic Units. Although with greater magic power will increase the duration/damage etc of the spell, for example casting Freeze with only 7k Magic Power may only freeze the army for 1 tick whereas casting with 100k Magic power will freeze it for 10 ticks (Max for freeze). Other spells such as Rain of Fire go on a % of troops to magic power for example if your casting with 50k MP on 100k troops you may kill 10k whereas if you cast with 25k MP on 50k troops you may only kille 4k.
Some spells such as Armageddon or ownage don't require a higher MP for effect but more just need a successful cast.

Spells which essentially are useless are Teleport and Fog which are just waste of MU/MT

17:53:14 Oct 26th 12 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Big Bad Orc):

I disagree with the teleport spell being useless :P

Have you ever seen raining naz? :D It's basically a strategy consisting of an ally not in your kingdom casting many teleports on many small naz army in the hope that one or a few will land inside your opponent's undefended core. This strategy has been in used long ago where great walls existed and stalemate often occur. There is a lack of need for it anymore though since there are no longer great walls. Though you can still use it for fun :P It is an expensive strategy though since most of your cast will not work or land in the wrong spot. (Note that the power you used determine how far the army can actually be teleported. Low power cast will not make it go very far.)

17:56:29 Oct 26th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

I love teleport :p

also fun teleport cities around! 

Teleported a blocker once, i mean why CW if you still cant beat it. Just move the whole damn thing :P

19:29:15 Oct 26th 12 - MUSE (Lord Matthew Bellamy):

Nice zond..
I had a strange situation with teleporting a SCOUT!
I was testing what would happen when I was casting teleport with only 10 magic power, this is the result...

Casting Teleport from Pezzies II upon Way II with 59% chance of success... and Successful!
We succeeded with the spell, but The Way II from Mr. Toede is so big we couldn't find any place to teleport it. When casting the spell 2386 of our Illusionists died and 796 got injured.
Cast again

I guess you need a minimum magic power to succeed? 
Can anyone explain this to me?

19:31:54 Oct 26th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Not sure exactly how it works. But to my understanding. More MP = bigger range it can go.

Casting low means it will go near by and my land in a spot where there is currently terrain/armies. Higher MP gives a better chance it will find a spot. 

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