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Magic successfail towers
18:43:25 Dec 9th 11 - Mr. Zenchi Senkusha IV:

Do I permanently lose my magic towers when I both fail and succeed at magic, so far I lose the amount for a fail even when succeeding on a 99% success rate.  I ask because no wreckage shows up like when I destroy buildings on purpose.

18:47:21 Dec 9th 11 - Mr. Kulure:

They get destroyed without turning into wreckage and then you have to rebuild them, if they turned into wreckage then caster would have a real problem casting in high volume over a period of time. The amount you lose is per cast I believe as I haven;t played a caster type in a while, is the same for success and failure. Lower level spells lose less on both success and failure and vice versa.

18:48:42 Dec 9th 11 - McMax (Mr. Half Rotten Vulture):

You do yes. You get a game-message after each spellcast, telling you how many MTs and mages you have lost.

Don't use (much) more magic than needed - you can't afford it in the long run.

20:55:26 Dec 9th 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Forgotten Warrior):

I've not done a whole lot of maging in my years of playing, but one thing I've noticed is the largest factor in what you lose is what your % is on the army/city you are casting on, hence why higher level spells cost more, since they have limit to the max % you can have when casting.  Obviously how many you use will factor in some as well but not nearly as much, otherwise mages would hate casting eits's.  

Just to clarify/elaborate on what Kulure was saying. :)

06:02:40 Dec 12th 11 - Mr. Zenchi Senkusha IV:

Am I just getting bad rolls...All my success's lose me more then even my fails...I'm also an elf, which are supposed to get crit successes right...has never ever ever happened.

07:16:13 Dec 12th 11 - Dyrness (Mr. Tornaq):

Do you think it's a bug?

18:18:09 Dec 12th 11 - Mr. Edd The Barbarian:

nothing wrong sucess do cost more than fails specially more on high lvl spells

01:35:48 Dec 18th 11 - Mr. Clifford The Big Red Dog:

I assure you... the rolls for tower and mu loss are completely random, in spite of failure or success. lol It can even be two times or more than the expected losses for either...

04:40:50 Dec 18th 11 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Sure it is, but I would still expect it to be like battles, the higher the dice roll, the more losses.. but I don't know for sure I don't mage all that often :P

06:42:55 Dec 18th 11 - Mr. Zenchi Senkusha IV:

This is posted in the Race Guide:

Ten percent chance for a "perfect spell" with zero magic losses.

Is it no longer true? I've cast about 20 spells...all have lost stuff.

08:21:55 Dec 18th 11 - Dragon (Mr. Fafnir III):

I have seen perfect spells so they do happen.

12:55:24 Dec 18th 11 - Wilberforce (Ms. Wilb Derping Still):

As an Elf, yes it is possible. You'll just be hitting an unlucky streak.

20:02:24 Dec 18th 11 - Mr. Winchester:

i think its normally by percentage.... the lesser MUs/MTs u use, the lesser ur loss... like... if u use 30k MUs and 5k MTs for Eits on an enemy, the cost of MUs and MTs would be much more than if u only use maybe 5k MUs and 5k MTs or 1k MTs... so basically its based on percentage... i usually play around with the number of MUs used to cast magic on a enemy and check the percentage and the possible losses i will get.. ill normally go for 65-70% success rate with minimal loss.. 

22:18:23 Dec 18th 11 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon):

the less mus you use the more MTS "get burned"

16:38:42 Dec 19th 11 - Mr. Winchester:

not necessary... depends...

19:13:46 Dec 19th 11 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon):

dont go out talking, before you are sure that its 100% truth. Cause of people like that, a lot of newbs get lost in this epic shit comments.

20:00:02 Dec 19th 11 - Mr. Winchester:

i played as mage for my kd countless times and tested out every possibilities... and causes hard time for the enemies of my kd... so the info i gave is the truth... as ive done it b4... u can try... and compare ur loss...

22:29:31 Dec 19th 11 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon):

if u use 30k MUs and 5k MTs for Eits on an enemy, the cost of MUs and MTs would be much more than if u only use maybe 5k MUs and 5k MTs.

you would lose less mus, but more mts. go ahead try out. you are welcome.

02:46:13 Dec 20th 11 - Mr. Winchester:

tried... told u i tried out all possibilities...

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