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Magic when not in Kingdom
11:22:16 Mar 15th 14 - Dark Spawn (Ms. Peaches):

I just did couple of eye in sky casts to see what people around me have. I am not a member of any kingdom, and after I casted, I clicked on the targets I casted on, and I can not see the report like it usually shows. Does that mean that when you're not in kingdom, it will now show the report when you click it? Why is that, is that a bug?

12:11:19 Mar 15th 14 - Dont Look Down (Mr. Tim The Enchanter):

If you are not in a kd the reports will not be saved like they do otherwise for a few hours. Copy paste into a .txt file or create a 1man kd. Bug? sure why not.

04:35:23 Jun 18th 14 - Sir Isaac:

kingdom or not. the report remains visible only for a set number of ticks. I can not give you a definable number as I have stepped away for 2 years and I know vu is constantly changing.


00:32:20 Jun 19th 14 - The Boyo (Mr. Klik):

To add on to what Isaac said, I don't know the exact number of turns, either, but I can say it is very few. I'd hazard a guess of around 5.

00:52:15 Jun 19th 14 - Polydeuces (Mr. Slayer of Worlds):

I've never seen it last more than 2 hours.

10:04:33 Jun 19th 14 - Soth (Prince Ragnar Lothbrok):

Two ticks for kingdoms. Zero for solo. Copy and paste son!

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