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Magical Orcs
15:40:30 Jun 10th 14 - The Boyo (Mr. Klik):

I've been playing a standard Orc (mining and military science, run waves of nazgul everywhere, profit), but I'm rather curious about how well they could pull a mid-level mage. I've been using magic science 2, so I can spam mages in a city and immediately crush walls or locust opponents. Has anyone tried getting them to 4, 5, or even 6? Are there any real benefits to doing so, or is Orc much more easily played with military emphasis?

15:53:16 Jun 10th 14 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Big Bad Wolf):

Orc with level 6 magic and a large amount of naz are REALLY scary.

16:07:46 Jun 10th 14 - Bran (Mr. Shaolin Bran):

if youre a farmer

16:27:14 Jun 10th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Kettlepotz):

A lot of players in a kingdom (small one) will play like an elf and farm up to lvl 6 magic for the army of the dead spell. This spell alone has a lot of synergy with the race due to how reliant they can be on their lvl 5 unit. Plus the fast train time on mages makes casting a lot of low level spells less costly since you can recover quickly ( plus they have cheapest mu) which is friendly to newer players.

16:31:14 Jun 10th 14 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Their magic science is relatively cheap as well, costs next to nothing to get to at least 7 magic which I like to go to for ownage which can be awesome for an orc.

16:35:13 Jun 10th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Kettlepotz):

Ah yes my mistake. Ownage others naz. Especially scouts. Adds.up quickly.

18:10:07 Jun 10th 14 - The Boyo (Mr. Klik):

Oh, man. I never even thought about the ownage spell. That would be fantastically easy to use, too, wouldn't it?

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I think I'll give it a try next time a world opens, then.

18:27:50 Jun 10th 14 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Well, the ease of use will depend on how much you focus on magic, and how many MUs your enemies have in their armies.. though, it would certainly force Orcs to think twice about sending small no MU nazgul armies near you to try and capture lightly / undefended cities.

Also, getting to 7 magic still leaves level 8 military a viable option provided you don't get other sciences before hand.

17:56:05 Jun 11th 14 - Mr. Not Hostile:

Last era on fant Poodles had a orc mage that ownaged a blocker of mine and then proceded to ownage some of my pure naz reinforcements. I was shocked and appaled. 

But like Bran said, u really need some farming to pull it off preferably with some added StG-money since you need to spend alot of cash on sciences before you can go miningsci.

17:56:01 Jun 12th 14 - Mr. Elsin:

Orc is fine for pure mage. Top 3 mage race.

00:37:38 Jun 15th 14 - Percy (Sir Inception):

I went as an Orc mage on Valhalla last era and it went surprisingly well. Me and another guy spawned 10 days late and only got maybe a week of building up before we started to get attacked, but my magic was enough to stop all of them. It bought us enough to time to build up enough military power to stop some of the most powerful armies, and thats spawning incredibly late. We also gained two other members who started late, and between us we really hurt the most powerful player by popping all his stuff and making him call in backup from his whole kingdom. On top of that, nothing is deadlier than naz, so being able to sneak naz by with invisibility is amazing :P

18:16:44 Jun 15th 14 - The Boyo (Mr. Klik):

"On top of that, nothing is deadlier than naz, so being able to sneak naz by with invisibility is amazing"

That. That is a good idea.

20:58:18 Jun 15th 14 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

army stop when invis is cast on it. Unless that has changed now?

02:52:16 Jun 20th 14 - The Boyo (Mr. Klik):

That's a very good question. When do the effects of invisibility on an army wear off, aside from after the duration? Does preparing on a city dispel invisibility, or can an army not prepare on a city while invisible, or can an invisible army prepare on a city with impunity? If anyone has an estimate off the top of their heads, as well, about how costly is it to cast invisibility? These are very interesting ideas, I must confess. I also find the army of the dead suggestion from earlier a very good one- nazgul are just too valuable to lose, but a few dead shamans is much more cost-effective.

12:21:17 Jun 20th 14 - Polydeuces (Mr. Slayer of Worlds):

When your army moves, invisibility is inactive.  It only works on cities, and stationary armies.  If an enemy army gets close to you, he can see you.  (not sure how close he needs to be, my guys is very close)

03:56:34 Aug 10th 14 - Ms. Inga Stinkfingah:

Any advice on how to proceed with an orc mage? Like in general how to you train sciences? All magic like an elf then military? Do you take mining at all? Newer player here wanted to try dwarf but I think the no tree thing would hurt me advancing to other races because strategy would change. (Not newer but haven't played in years so basically new to me again)

04:11:06 Aug 10th 14 - Mr. Bill The Butcher:

I usually end up having to get military science to fight early, so then i stop at military 6, that way magic 6(Army of the dead, steal science) is still attainable at 21 million. if i do have time to farm up, i get magic as high as i want, then military and then mining.

04:45:21 Aug 10th 14 - Ms. Jelloshotz:

ok thanks!

08:05:16 Aug 10th 14 - Polydeuces (Mr. Bringer of Destiny):

Last era on Valhalla I went to 9 magic first, then got 7 military and mining after that...  I was fairly inactive though so I didn't do too hot.  Best thing I did all era was cast Armageddon lol.

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