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Making new soldiers
20:12:05 Jan 1st 09 - Mr. Liliones:

I clicked on training, and trained like 1000 guys into my city. The next day (real time) I looked everywhere for my soldiers 'cause I wanted them to join my army but I can't find them anywhere! I wanted them to join my army that I started out with, but I can't do this cause I dont know where they went!

20:14:01 Jan 1st 09 - Sir Crimson III:

In order for them to join your army, your army must be stationed ON the city that you trained soldiers in. Then just go to that army on the army page, and use the arrows to move troops from/to the army/city

20:17:47 Jan 1st 09 - Mr. Liliones:

My army is right on top of my city and I tried to use the arrows, but it doesnt show that i have any guys in the city.

22:34:18 Jan 1st 09 - Sir Evans:

sure you didnt train in a different city?

00:19:24 Jan 2nd 09 - Mr. Santa The Returned:

Sure you had enough peasants?

00:23:20 Jan 2nd 09 - Lord Frost Wraith:

If you don't have beds, I think the troops leave..

01:36:59 Jan 2nd 09 - Mr. Seloc:

Troops could still be training, it can take a very long time if you train in a city which is either a crap armory or a production city.

11:55:14 Jan 3rd 09 - Sir Evans:

true, training ina  production city can take over 20+ ticks

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