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Missing Army
23:06:02 Jan 8th 10 - Prince Highwayman:

Before I go to a bug report I need to check it really is a bug :P

I had 2 armies of roughly equal size defending a city.  With my %age against the attacker either individually should have been enough to defend but no hard feelings if the attacker got lucky.

However with both together it should have been impossible unless there was some massive BT merging while I was offline - possible but I don't think so.

Here's what has me puzzled though - my news report only tells me about one army failing to defend, no mention of the 2nd army or of the troops in the city. 

Does news only report one army or is there a possibility that army no.2 wasn't counted in the DP calculation?

23:09:20 Jan 8th 10 - Lord Fuelled Byy Lsd:

News only reports on one army defending the city, even if you have 200 in the city :\

23:14:58 Jan 8th 10 - Lady Katie Holmes:

Yep, as Wraith said, it'll only show one "defending" as well as one report for whatever is in the city.  (Same thing happens with plague, you can have all ur cities infected, and it will only show one per tick)

Even though it's not reported it should still count as part of the DP

23:35:40 Jan 8th 10 - Prince Highwayman:

Many thanks.  Useless soldiers, I would have been sacking them for poor performance anyway :)

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