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Missing Kd on Midgard
10:14:16 Sep 20th 12 - Mr. Assasin The Silent:

I am looking at a nice little war between some new kingdoms on the map 

And I wanted to take a look at percentages, and realized that one of them is not even on the list ?? 

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium6Mr. Assasin The Silent100
Mr Butt4Mr. Insanity Dog34
Boo3Mr. Attack23
Noobworld2Mr. Elite II19
Kingdom Of Hearts1Mr. Edd The Best There4
Manowar1Sir Black Dragon

So Boo is fighting Endless Shanigans, and them I can not find on the map...
What is the reason to that? Maybe some of the people are on another map, and some on Midgard? But could that be possible, can you have people on many maps? 
There was update saying it is now possible to join a map if you are in kingdom, even if the map is closed. Would that not prevent people landing on other maps, so that entire kd is together?

Edit: Here is the guy


City Info
Owner:Mr. Little GuyKingdom Banner
Size:45108 building(s).
Kingdom:Endless Shenanigans

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