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Most powerful ruler
22:22:56 Apr 19th 12 - Mr. Brainlund:

What criterias does matter in the high score most powerful ruler?

00:52:15 Apr 20th 12 - Mr. Ignis Ofgary:

Have ,alot ,of ,soldiers

01:23:39 Apr 20th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Indira Gandhi):

Troop count, level of troops, land count, sciences and resources .

01:27:31 Apr 20th 12 - Mr. Ignis Alerteyes The Legendary:

mostly, troop count ,look, here

Mr. Pavlova of The All You Can Eat Buffet (Halfling)
Had 1,853,165 land, 5,215,797 troops and 28 science points. Killed 1,613,763 soldiers, won 75 of 90 battles and captured 73 cities.
Mr. Big Daddy Steak Jocks of The All You Can Eat Buffet (Elf)
Had 1,446,221 land, 6,480,390 troops and 36 science points. Killed 2,052,342 soldiers, won 47 of 47 battles and captured 49 cities.
Mr. Ignis The Fearow of Mad and Dangerous (Orc)
Had 4,605,045 land, 3,220,153 troops and 27 science points. Killed 5,010,077 soldiers, won 417 of 622 battles and captured 234 cities.

01:41:03 Apr 20th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

Halfers are high scoring in terms of troops. Trolls, Humans and Dwarves are good scoring. Orcs and Elves are low scoring.

I'll also assume you had alot of hammers/gaia (mainly because we saw that through EITS), so your 4.6m land provided a high amount of score. Compared to Pavlova's high amount of ponies/advents. Hell, even slingers don't score too badly.

Each troop in each race have a different score, 15 eras ago I could of given you some examples but nowerdays I don't remember and it's likely changed.

Land does count alot to score, but obviously more troops are higher scoring.
When I say resources, I'm not sure if all resources count. Gold certainly does, and 1000 gold (or was it 100) = 1 point in the older days. I don't know about now. Possibly the same.
I've no personal experience with sciences changing my score, but I've never checked to be honest. I've always been told that it does, it's put on the end of era's scores and I believe ZeTa once posted a few years ago it effects it. Also, adventuring Halfers tend to do well on highscores...but then again, it could be because of the sheer amount of troops they end up with :D

02:00:00 Apr 20th 12 - Mr. Ignis Alerteyes The Legendary:

I also managed to make 30k nazzis and 300k ogers but I ,didnt ,get ,to, use, them

03:35:09 Apr 20th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

adding to that, experience.

03:46:59 Apr 20th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

Thanks, forgot that.

04:52:14 Apr 20th 12 - Pure (Mr. Ihavenoname):

I don't think sciences help to much

  1. Mr. Glasses of Relentless (Human)
    Had 629,499 land, 3,140,768 troops and 33 science points. Killed 0 soldiers, won 1 of 1 battles and captured 2 cities.
  2. Mr. Adventurer of Small Kingdom (Halfling)
    Had 1,158,569 land, 1,650,624 troops and 31 science points. Killed 2,430,292 soldiers, won 73 of 105 battles and captured 70 cities.
  3. The Pump of Relentless (Halfling)
    Had 805,542 land, 1,941,087 troops and 25 science points. Killed 520,602 soldiers, won 31 of 44 battles and captured 38 cities.
  4. Mr. Pure of Mad and Dangerous (Halfling)
    Had 1,074,714 land, 1,892,014 troops and 23 science points. Killed 526,203 soldiers, won 53 of 91 battles and captured 68 cities.
  5. Sir Feanor of Dominion (Halfling)
    Had 466,525 land, 2,155,483 troops and 22 science points. Killed 307,994 soldiers, won 16 of 28 battles and captured 20 cities.
Adventurer may have gained a couple through advents, I had a terrible era from adventuring and Pump and Feanor both did as well or did advent.

05:09:13 Apr 20th 12 - Zond (Lord Ariolation):

I was Pump, and bought all of mine. No finds that era. And as halfler its easy to buy 32 or so sciences. 

Sciences dont count much at all towards highscores.

05:15:05 Apr 20th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

short term they add very little. long term they will give you more gold to pump troops for score with h4h4

05:21:08 Apr 20th 12 - Zond (Lord Ariolation):

Military doesnt give you more gold (expect is OP in taking cities), and magic doesnt either (expect for AM's OP), the rest do though. But dont expect sciences to get you the era win really. Look back at past ones where Binh and Elsin and others have 70+ and still not in first at end when others may have half or a third of that.

But with finding sciences, comes finding gold. and thats the boost most needed ;)

05:25:38 Apr 20th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

farming mining and tree science will give you more gold long term for score pump!

never said they get you the win.

06:01:04 Apr 20th 12 - Zond (Lord Ariolation):

Thats better :D 

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