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12:24:05 Aug 10th 08 - Lord Wraith:

How much power does 1 mu give at 0 range and level 6 magic? Shouldn't it be 1.6? (So 100 mus give 160 magic power, etc)

19:44:14 Aug 10th 08 - Sir Revenge:


05:17:21 Aug 11th 08 - Mr. Jones:

level 'x' magic gives 0.2*'x' magic power for each MU (where x is a non-negative integer).

07:03:13 Aug 11th 08 - Lord Wraith:

Hmm, I see. Thanks

16:48:13 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Mcmax:

Mr. Jones


8/11/2008 5:17:21 AM
level 'x' magic gives 0.2*'x' magic power for each MU (where x is a non-negative integer).


Then any mage at level say 4 have same power no-matter what race?

An extreme (and unrealistic) example: An Orc mage magic level 8 have double to power of an Elf mage magic level 4 if no other parameters are involved..... Is that correct?



17:52:27 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Selocgotatanandcold:

All mu's have same base power.

21:13:32 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

The only reason that "elves are better at magic" is cause their magic science is cheaper

06:57:42 Aug 20th 08 - Mr. Mcmax:

I see. Very nice to know for next age. Thanks.

07:00:24 Aug 20th 08 - Mr. Justin:

ya minimum magic lvl for Elves to get is 8. I went elf this era. They are great but dont try what i did. I was defense, Mage, and Attack. Stick with one. Mainly mage unless there is more tehn one elf in the kd. Then one could be mage and the other can train archys and kick butt

07:48:16 Aug 20th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

Lol i wouldn't try that with many races anyway justin : )

I tried being semi-mage this era with orc with lvl 4 magic science. Even at that point the losses seem ridiculous... So the Elves are good attackers then? I've always wanted to try them, but I get hung up on magic

12:00:46 Aug 20th 08 - Sir Alban:

Elves are better defenders look at the guide for OP/DP

And example is archers, 2OP/10DP

see what I mean?

19:11:36 Aug 20th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

Ya, but i was wondering if those Archmages are amazing attackers, or not so much

21:36:00 Aug 20th 08 - Lord Wraith:

Archmages are amazing attackers. Assuming you have the capability of getting level 10 Magic, getting level 5+ Military is peanuts, making them pretty damned good. Also, notice how cheap they are compared to other level 5s. 2600 gold at base for 30/30 is no almost laughable.

Just for a comparision;

30/30 for 2600 gold is something like 87/point?
Compared to Nazzies at 113gold/point.

Also, keep in mind StG. Keeping your land low and getting all your cash this way serioulsy helps alot and keeps your troop costs low.


To be honest, I just love Elves. Although they have a pretty big flaw. The fact that you need a minimum of level 8 Magic to get Archmages so powerful is a bit of a drag. If you can get them that far however, god help your enemies :p

21:36:22 Aug 20th 08 - Lord Wraith:

Note, that is just my opinion. ^^

21:42:01 Aug 20th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

I know StG is sweet, I just got lazy with my warehouse city so there are MAYBE 500 warehouses and my biggest 1 was like 3-3.5mil i think. If I play elf next era, I'll have to build a real warehouse city lol.  

02:54:03 Aug 21st 08 - Mr. Justin:

Opportunity magic isnt worth it really. The losses for success are worst for when you fail. I had a 90% chance of success on Freeze. The Fail rate for deaths of MUs was like 1k and 600 MTs. I lost WAY more for success then i woulda if i woulda failed.

07:42:55 Aug 21st 08 - Lord Wraith:

Justin, thats actually not true. Losses are the same. Only difference is you probably had more injuries.

And Magic is worth it, you just suck :p

08:19:37 Aug 21st 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

I agree that magic can be worth it, however, Everytime i cast a spell and it is successful, i find that success makes you lose significantly more MUs than failure. That pisses me off sometimes lol

09:51:30 Aug 21st 08 - Lord Wraith:

Bah, you mean you had more dead right? When it says something like 'If we fail we lose XXX mus' it means dead and injured. Most people ignore the injured and at low medicine, quite a lot die..

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