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21:35:02 Sep 17th 11 - Mr. Plokoon:

Vu Admin, 

I'm a student living in a house with 6 friends and my girlfriend (Routledge) also lives in halls with 6 friends and we're both trying to get all our mates into the game. 

Not sure how IP's etc all work but just wanted to let you know so that you don't think we have multi's - I've been pulled up for it before but it was simply because we'd been logging in at each others houses. 

What's the situation with all that? Will we get flagged up on it? 


22:11:38 Sep 17th 11 - Mr. Bok:

get a bigger house..

22:25:44 Sep 17th 11 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

As long as you are using different computers, the IP's should be different.

00:58:36 Sep 18th 11 - Dragon (Sir Guardian):

I would send zeta a email with the names of everyone playing in the house so that he has all the info up front so he can avoid blocking your account and those of your friends that are playing as well.

01:59:45 Sep 18th 11 - Mr. Plokoon:

Yeah that sounds like a safe bet - there will be times where we'll be in each others rooms or sat in the living room and quickly checking on each others laptops etc...

By the way, as a returner and just for the record - I REALLY MISS THE LOBBY HOME SCREEN! It was so much easier to navigate than this all in one screen we now have! I can't even find the email address - what is it? Lol 

18:52:28 Sep 18th 11 - Zephyr (Ice Prince Keth The Tahl Ael):

prove it.

send zeta an image of your friends playing VU  and that stuff, I recall something like this ZeTa said.

19:47:47 Sep 18th 11 - Mr. Edward:

That is the most retarded thing I've even heard about when it comes to online games.
Sending a personal picture to Zeta, what kind of bs is that, asking someone to send private pictures, what is next, admins asking for nude pictures?
This has nothing to do with you Zephyr, just saying the whole idea of private pictures is wrong.

20:21:41 Sep 18th 11 - The Wolflord (Mr. Red Hand):

Zeta wants a nude? **Runs to get camera!!**

22:26:32 Sep 18th 11 - Mr. Dino:

The picture is actually pretty easy on the requirements. I've played some games where you need to provide a scan of an ID or something of that sort to prove more than one person lived at your location. Otherwise, it'd be extremely easy to get "legit multies" as I like to call them. Even then, I've seen one or two people use their wives/husband's ID to get a whole free account with no chance of getting in trouble. 

In a nutshell; people are horrible and some will go really far for that small advantage/boost in gameplay. lol

00:18:16 Sep 19th 11 - Zond (Mr. Hysteria):

Ive seen people have their roommates play, and take picture of the dorm.

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