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Negative Bonus Turns
04:22:32 Jan 28th 09 - Mr. Lord Punisher:

I have played this game..for many many eras, but never have i come across a situation in which i have Negative Bonus turns untill just now. Is negative BTs some sort of punishment? maybe a glitch?? Does anyone know why someone would have negative bonus turns??

04:26:02 Jan 28th 09 - Ms. Hawt Babes:

lol thats the first time i have heard of this...

04:29:35 Jan 28th 09 - Mr. Lord Punisher:

yea i hadn't eather...i just hope im not being punished for something =P

04:31:17 Jan 28th 09 - Mr. Oromis:

can you use these negitive bonus turns?

04:33:21 Jan 28th 09 - Ms. Hawt Babes:

yeah wat happens when u clik on these BTs?

04:34:25 Jan 28th 09 - Mr. Lord Punisher:

I click on it, and it stays at negative 1...

04:35:52 Jan 28th 09 - Ms. Hawt Babes:

lol thats weird....

04:53:24 Jan 28th 09 - Duke Michael Deallus:

Maybe get a picture...and let Zeta figure it out.

00:34:33 Jan 29th 09 - Sir Marius:

i know that you used to be able to get bts with the spell control time... and if the spell when wrong then you could get -bts but i think that was fixed after the smith naz incident.

01:47:36 Feb 2nd 09 - Duke Slade:

maybe zeta dont like you Franky

06:40:45 Feb 4th 09 - Mr. Barny:

Sounds like a bug.

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