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Never trained these
23:06:22 Dec 31st 12 - Yukan (Mr. Grandline):

So in one of my cities, I see this:

   In city:200

The funny thing is that I have trained 0 Slingers this era... So what happened...? ._.

23:08:06 Dec 31st 12 - Pure (Pure Pure):

Must of done it automatically :P  or you ownaged them/a city with them inside

23:10:23 Dec 31st 12 - Mr. Xanatos:

or some of your peasents picked up a sling and a rock to throw them into your palace window >:P they are the resistance yukan, burn that city to the ground to teach them a lesson ;P

23:11:35 Dec 31st 12 - Yukan (Mr. Grandline):

The city belonged to an elf and it wasn't ownaged DX

21:44:10 Jan 6th 13 - DVSklown (Mr. George Babyface Nelson):

did you cast ghost warriors?

21:53:00 Jan 6th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Grandline):


22:10:02 Jan 6th 13 - Ms. Poison Ivy:

You took a city that was very low in morale
It had 200 peasants left, you did not want it to revolt so you trained 200 Slingers and forgot about it later. Happens all the time.

22:22:35 Jan 6th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Grandline):

But I never train slingers. By that, I mean I NEVER train slingers.

22:23:00 Jan 6th 13 - Mr. Small Fries II:

accidents happen

22:24:58 Jan 6th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Grandline):

Alright heres this then.

I took over an elf city with ponies ( no slingers what-so-ever)

I never did anything with the city because I didn't need to (Peasants ran away)

Dwarf comes near the city with an army.

I evacuate the peasants and there are apparently 200 slingers in the city (Serious wtf happened moment)

22:28:55 Jan 6th 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Zeta blessed you. 

22:35:20 Jan 6th 13 - Mr. Captain Hindsight:

You shouldn't have trained Slingers.

Hindsight out.

22:36:06 Jan 6th 13 - Mr. Road Chad:

It was when u thought u where in your multi account.

00:11:08 Jan 7th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Baratie):

What part of I never train slingers do you people not understand?

00:13:35 Jan 7th 13 - Zond (Mr. Wtf Game):

I think its the "never" part, but i could be wrong. One in every like million im wrong. This could be that one. 

00:48:40 Jan 7th 13 - Endless (Ms. Ianuarius):

sometimes the person who owned the city tries to spam some troops to stop you from taking it and every once in awhile the city forgets it changed ownership and finishes up some of the training :D  I know, sounds weird but I've seen mysterious troops arrive too 

06:41:03 Jan 8th 13 - Pure (Pure Slowty Mcslow Slow):

I think I just got it as well except with level 3 troops. I'm checking with the other kingdom for eits reports but I think I got them from a aotd.

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