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New players?
21:38:39 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Militant Agnostic:

Is there a place that new players can play where a single enemy soldier can't destroy your entire city and 100s of soldiers guarding it?

I started on Starta and built a city up. I realized my first city wasn't in a very good spot for dwarves and built another little city. Each city had about 100 troops and some walls with military tech 1. As soon as I lost protection, both of my cities were taken and I had to restart. One guy used scouts (1-5) soldiers to take my ENTIRE city. Obviously, people are teched MUCH higher than me and I am just wondering if there is a place you can start where the people around you haven't been playing for years already?

I mean...if this game wants to attract new players, there needs to be a place where new players can play without being wiped out as soon as they lose protection. I can't possibly defend against a guy that has been playing for years when I just started two days ago.

I, for one, won't be playing this game any longer if I am forced to restart again 2 hours after I lose protection. It isn't any fun to build a city up for a few days only to have some jerk take it from you without even offering you the chance to swear allegiance or offer tribute...or do anything to avoid this fate. There is NOTHING you can do about it militarily with such a short duration for protection. Protection should be based on how long you have been playing, but ALSO on how long the potential attacker has been playing. A player with 30 cities who has been playing for a year shouldn't be able to attack some guy that has been playing a week, but a guy who has been playing 2 weeks probably ought to be able to attack.

21:56:57 Feb 5th 09 - Sir Gilth:

Err.. The new era started monday (I think, I missed the real start)
So, they are only playing for a few days too. Those scouts were probably nazguls, meaning each of their "soldiers" has 150 attack (3 nazguls = 450 attack).. You are Dwarf and I assume you used about 100 swordsmen totalling 200 defence.

They can easily take you villages if you only have a small amount of defence like that. Try to contact some 'older' players and ask for tips to play the game.

22:01:04 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Sanoh:

if its a nazgul scout then only 1 nazgul would be in the army. 1 lvl 5 troop is equal to 5 troops. if im not mistaken

22:01:11 Feb 5th 09 - Sir Santa of Macedon:

Simply the best thing to do, is to join a kingdom that looks good and join it. Ask people there for help and tips and they'll help you(most of the time...) ;)

22:02:10 Feb 5th 09 - Sir Santa of Macedon:

You are mistaken Sanoh. A nazgul counts as 2 troops, just like serkers. Therefor you can have 3 nazgul in an army and still have a scout(1-7)

22:09:29 Feb 5th 09 - Archangel Argyle:

You forgot one of the most important aspects of this game. Politics!

You should have contacted the attacker, surrounding players, etc.. offering them a relation of some sort, or offer yourself to join them :P

The reason experienced players is on Starta is because we (my kingdom) had a low endscore from last era because we died and restarted. And we were forced to play on Starta because of our low endscore.

And also, the best way to learn is to retry, learn from mistakes and bad luck :P

22:09:47 Feb 5th 09 - Demonslayer John Berkeley:

Size: Scout (1-5)

Scout is 1-5, not 1-7...

As for learning, you should join a kingdom that has some experience, and usually the members will teach you the basics and other stuff.  That is how I learned the game.

23:01:29 Feb 5th 09 - Sir Shmeh:

scout is 1 - 7, 1-5 is what comes up when you click an army but the actual size is 1-7 ;)

23:04:50 Feb 5th 09 - Demonslayer John Berkeley:

Hm...the old army sizes said 1-7, so why change it to 1-5 and still mean 1-7?  Oh well...experimentation always solves it for me.

02:42:37 Feb 6th 09 - Mr. Militant Agnostic:

well, my defenses were about 60 swords with about 10 hammers, 10 axes, and 20 cavemasters. I tried contacting them. Two different players from different kingdoms attacked each of my two cities. One of them I never even knew he was preparing to attack. He moved in, prepared, attacked, and defeated me all while I slept. The other guy responded..."ha, i just want your city"...nothing I could really say to stop him. I am prepared to be subservient to the better players around me, but they don't do diplomacy or politics. They just take my cities without saying a word. I am pissed now because the name for my starting city is now taken and I can't use it again.

I understand it takes experience and skill to do well in the game, but just surviving shouldn't be impossible.

I am now building a city where I just build armories and hammer throwers. (and 1 cavemaster for every mine of course) i might have low income (few peasents and soldiers taking all the beds), but hopefully nobody will bother to destroy me. If anyone wants a newb in their kingdom, my new village name is donthurtmeimnew.

02:59:25 Feb 6th 09 - Sir Hirgon Tegalad:

Read the guides as soon as possible.  Do nothing else until you have read the guides.  If you don't have the time or patience to read the guides, don't play until you can do so.  Alternatively, you could ask someone to explain to you why you were killed, why you will continue to lose your cities, and how to avoid the occurrence, but I doubt anyone will be willing to help you until you at least make an attempt to understand how this game works on your own.

09:23:49 Feb 6th 09 - Mr. Seloc of Troy:

Join a kingdom, contat a player to teach you how to play.

Most people come out of protection (OOP) with a few thousand troops too.

03:58:11 Feb 7th 09 - Duke Random:

Mr. Sanoh


2/6/2009 7:01:04 AM
if its a nazgul scout then only 1 nazgul would be in the army. 1 lvl 5 troop is equal to 5 troops. if im not mistaken

nazgul are still 2 troops....

10:33:57 Feb 7th 09 - Sir Evans of Sparta:

I'm with seloc on this one, most people have a decent amount of troops (2-4kOP) when they leave protection, some player such as myself and halflings can have up to near 7-10k

12:13:20 Feb 7th 09 - Duke Random:

yepo halfers r00l

16:56:13 Feb 7th 09 - Lady Air:

@Hirgon the guides aren't really any good especially not for a new player and most of the old players are saying "Nah ya gotta figure some out yourself." in the guide sector. Really only way to learn this game is personal contact with someone who knows it. Preferble joining a good KD.

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