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Numbers under Troops
23:04:44 Apr 3rd 09 - Mr. Pyron:

Nazguls can fly over walls and increase the total power of your army.
Power: 150   150 Train:

(93 days)
In city: 0
In training: 2
Cost: 40386 gold

Was this just implemented or am I just blind and don't pay attention to anything?

23:11:01 Apr 3rd 09 - Sir Catastrophe:

Just implemented.

23:16:27 Apr 3rd 09 - Mr. Pyron:

Well what is it supposed to mean? I thought it meant max time it would take to train the unit but I put some in training and it ended up being in the 20-39 range not the 60-100.

10:44:10 Apr 4th 09 - Duke Random:

it'd be the max training time.

13:46:32 Apr 15th 09 - Mr. Bloody Mayhem:

i think is is bull crap that they changed it for just 22 knights it will take 60 days

i think increasing the training time is the dumbest thing ever now it will make training troops even harder and it will push people away from the higher level cause it will take too long

14:46:50 Apr 15th 09 - Mr. Elsin:

"and it will push people away from the higher level"

that's a bad thing?

16:09:07 Apr 15th 09 - Mr. Brainiac:


20:13:57 Apr 15th 09 - Dark Lord Osiris:

means you have to mix it up more during the era between firepower and upkeep. depending on how long you intend to use the army etc :D

13:55:33 Apr 16th 09 - Mr. Bran:

it means thinking for yourself!

13:58:40 Apr 17th 09 - Sir Evans:

Will push people away from higher level...
Berserkers will kill everything - incuding allies.
Power: 35   35 Train:

(95 days)
In city: 0
In training: 8497

Berserkers 182 1431 1694 2571 1355 1264

Why dont people tell me these things!!!!
That used to be 10k and its been like that for 3 days solid....

14:32:39 Apr 17th 09 - Mr. Rather:

"and it will push people away from the higher level"

i beg to differ :P

i am training lots of berserkers i think you will find :P and i know that nazguls are being trained as i have to kill the buggers, and ive seen some archmages as well, so shush you! the fact that costs are down (in the long run) encourages people to train higher level troops. Ive already trained around 40k warlords and lots of berserkers this era so it can be done if you are patient (lets just say more than evans has in training :P)
you also factor in the new army upkeep system (only half of costs get taken away in allied cities) and you have you higher level troops :)

16:52:08 Apr 17th 09 - Sir Evans:

shush rather, i have 5 armouries ;)

07:06:10 Apr 18th 09 - Mr. Beatness:

The amount of armories you have effect how long it takes to train I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, But wouldn't it make sense that if you set ALL of say 5000 troops to finish off in 90 days/hours, shouldn't they ALL be finished there? Or is this not the concept of this thread?

05:01:32 May 14th 09 - Mr. Opportunity:

that's the good thing about dwarves :)

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