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Opening Gates During Prep
10:07:09 Nov 5th 09 - Prince Highwayman:

I was prepping on a city with closed gates and they are now open which means I cannot attack under the 50% rule.  I already had it under siege but I don't anymore, presumably for same 50% reason.

Is this a change or were you always able to open them when someone started prepping?

10:08:29 Nov 5th 09 - Prince Highwayman:

My apologies, I do still have it under siege but I still can't take over, just plunder or kamikaze.

10:36:18 Nov 5th 09 - Chancellor Ademo The Mzzerable:

Can we delete the off-topic flame-bait please.

and yea, as far as I know iit's been like that for as long as I've been playing.. So unless it pre-dates that it hasn't changed recently.

11:00:01 Nov 5th 09 - Lord Pure:

They should really remove the 50% rule on arma and valh as they open the but same time as the rest. Last era I had a chance of breaking a blocker but wasn't able to due to 50% rule I was attacking with 100k zerks and the blocker had only 50 troops in I did an eits and It was gaia. If I broke the core then I would of killed them cause of the 50% rule on Arma I wasn't able to.

11:01:18 Nov 5th 09 - Chancellor Ademo The Mzzerable:

You can take over cities with closed gates on a 50% world though.. So how was that blocking you from their core?

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