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Peasant problem
21:20:15 May 30th 11 - Mr. Faust:

So, basically I had a city and it got returned to me this morning.. All the buildings were wrecked and I had to rebuild.. However, no peasants are entering the city and I don't know why :(

This city has 0 peasants.

There is space for 87113 more buildings and at this time we can build a maximum of 1385 structures or 166 more walls.

It costs 526 gold, 65 tree and 65 stone ( 2104 for walls) to build one building. Each building can take up to a maximum of 15 days to build.

Houses 25 people.
In construction:1300
Homes filled:0%

21:37:07 May 30th 11 - VU Admin:

Is there any work?

23:05:10 May 30th 11 - Mr. Faust:

Yes, I thought about that after I posted.. 100 guard towers later and the peasants come in :) Sorry!!

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