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Peasant taxes
17:19:55 Sep 27th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

So the guide clearly states:

  • All employed peasants pay 1 gold in taxes each day.
    As the population of the city grows, merchants and other wealthy people will move into the city and increase the tax revenue

And this is my town:

  • This city has 109497 peasants and 4897 of them are looking for a place to work.

It means I should be getting more than 100k just from taxes...
And here is the situation:

Dark Spawn II +64,742 +80,311 -30,112 +18,491 +0

I get 64k for taxes... But why not 100k? Any ideas?

18:08:18 Sep 27th 13 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Watcher):

Yes. There are two modifiers when it come to tax:

The more taxpayers you have globally the lesser each tax payers pay.
The more taxpayers you have in one city, the more tax each tax payers pay in that specific city.

21:11:11 Sep 28th 13 - Struddles (Mr. Mcgriddle):

also doesn't morale effect it too? or is that just if a city hits a certain point in morale they just don't pay taxes at all anyways?

15:18:38 Sep 29th 13 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Watcher):

"is that just if a city hits a certain point in morale they just don't pay taxes at all anyways?"

This is true. Human also gain bonus 10% tax. But everyone already know that i think :P

12:03:05 Sep 30th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

This makes no freaking sense now
There are peasants and everything, even more than needed
And still, the town sucks balls.

Dark Spawn II

Choose city Empl. Prod. Morale Gates

83% 100% 100% No gates


0 slaves are currently being used in construction work.

This city has 156848 peasants and 27188 of them are looking for a place to work.

There is space for 57794 more buildings and at this time we can build a maximum of 418 structures or 26 more walls.

It costs 1798 gold, 449 tree and 449 stone ( 7195 for walls) to build one building.

Each building can take up to a maximum of 50 days to build.

Houses 25 people.
Built: 6274 Build:
In construction: 0
Homes filled: 100%

Each mine produces around 4 gold per day and 22 stone every 25th day.
Built: 25931 Build:
In construction: 0

14:56:35 Sep 30th 13 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Watcher):

There's 3 possible explanation for this:
1. That town probably doesn't have the mining bonus.
2. You own too many mines globally.
3. Combination of the two above.

22:29:02 Oct 1st 13 - Struddles (Mr. Mcgriddle):

or it's because they don't have jobs.......  If they don't have a job they don't pay taxes.....  Your employment is 83% that's why your not making full taxes.

22:45:48 Oct 1st 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

No, the city has 150k peasants, 30k do not have jobs, and I only get 80k taxes
What does it mean have too many mines globally? What is the amount you need to have to be considered as having too many mines and giving you this disadvantage?

22:47:54 Oct 1st 13 - Zond (General Zondervan):

its not a disadvantage. its scaled income.

think of it as; if a mine makes 7 gold. once u get so many. then u need 2 mines to produce the same 7 gold. 

not saying thats the numbers. but as an example. 

22:58:14 Oct 1st 13 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Watcher):

The proper word for it is diminishing returns. I couldn't think of the word when I made the post hehe. :)

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