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Pes paying taxes
09:39:39 Oct 10th 11 - Mr. Ponsa:

I took a ~25k city for about 10 ticks ago.
This is taken from the guide:

"All employed peasants pay 1 gold in taxes each day.
As the population of the city grows, merchants and other wealthy people will move into the city and increase the tax revenue."

How can this be?

Secret Hiedout

Empl. Prod. Morale
100% 28% 100%

0 slaves are currently being used in construction work.


This city has 12744 peasants who are working as hard as they can.


Name Tax
Secret Hiedout +8,827

Well, you get it even though it looks &%#ed up. :P

10:12:56 Oct 10th 11 - Mr. Corgi:

One thing to note about *all* income, is it is affected by a diminishing returns system. 

Tax is no exception, although from my experience, it's not as harshly affected as the other forms of income. You might notice that the tax in your original towns doesn't quite add up to 1 gp either... at least any smaller towns you may have made. 

Some of the info in these forums tends to be a bit outdated, missing info, or the mechanic was changed quietly, so can't always be taken at face value. 

Guessing you've got a decent bit of land, no?

13:00:14 Oct 10th 11 - Mr. Ponsa:

I see what you mean. I've gotten the same issue in my other smaller towns.Thanks...
Well, i guess i have a decent bit of land. Not much though...

Even though i doubt ZeTa is reading this;
*Poke ZeTa to update the guide*


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