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Please Help
08:33:05 Jan 30th 11 - Mr. Treehugger:

Ok so i just signed up to this game, and created a character when the prompt came up, then when i went to "armies" it said that i was defeated. so not really understanding why i just tried to make my new character, but now when i fill in the name, race and world and press restart the prompt goes down and the news comes up. then when i click on the armies page it just does the same thing. ive tried it selecting different worlds with the same result everytime, could someone please let me know if im doing something wrong here this looks like a sweet game but so far its leaving me extreamly frustrated, thanks

09:17:51 Jan 30th 11 - Mr. Kender The Short:

Can you get screen shots and show us exactly what you did?

Btw can anyone remember whether of not there was an activation (code/link) for VU when you signed up for it...?

09:25:40 Jan 30th 11 - Mr. Tyr Tokugawa:

What world are you traying to land on?

13:19:57 Jan 30th 11 - Mr. Treehugger:

not sure how to add screenshots on to this forum, but anyway ill check my mail and see if i need activation, tried landing on all the worlds with the same result. i see that armageddon is on so i might just wait till the new era starts and try again. thanks for your help peoples

03:58:39 Jan 31st 11 - Mr. Percy II:

When you are trying to start this character, do you have the "join a kingdom that accepts new players" selection marked?

07:47:27 Feb 1st 11 - Mr. Treehugger:

yes i tried it selected and unselected =(

20:08:25 Feb 1st 11 - Mr. Inception:

I dont know then. If youve tried going to different worlds and they all fail, I dont know what to say


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