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Production Falling
18:17:08 Jul 24th 09 - Prince Highwayman:

Can someone point me to a thread with info on how the production levels work now?

I have just seen my stone and gold production levels drop despite an increase in both population and number of buildings but I'm not sure about the way the new system works...

18:33:12 Jul 24th 09 - Sir Sleperirth:

ZeTa havent put a cap drop

20:08:36 Jul 24th 09 - Sir Binh The War:

production should work the same as last era. Nothing has changed.

Only the tax system changed.

You start out with really high production and then it slowly drop per building so that you still gain production but not much when you have more of the same type of production buildings.

23:23:17 Jul 24th 09 - Mr. Penor The Overwhelming:

I believe highwayman has just returned to VU this era...

23:25:05 Jul 24th 09 - Sir Sleperirth:

Yes he did in a RPing way

didnt you know?

Btw Highwayman u start with good production but it will eventually will fail

23:55:54 Jul 24th 09 - Mr. Avionaro:

does it drop to the max values of like 10 era's ago , so 7 gold, 5 stone , when near mauntains, 11 food when near water and 5 wood near a forest, or does it drop lower than that?

haven't played last couple of ages. . .

00:30:52 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Tavernwise II:

I know this Mates....

At the start of this Era the Taverns I own were rockin'! But the profit levels have dropped a bit, forcing me to, keep it under your hat, add a wee bit of water to the refreshments.

*Come boys, belly up to the Bar!*

08:46:22 Jul 25th 09 - Prince Highwayman:

Thanks all.

Yes, the Highwayman has returned (as may my charming sidekick in due course) 

You will all need to be prepared for eejit questions though - quite a few major changes and stacks of minor changes since 20 eras ago.  The major ones are easy to figure out, the minor ones (like production drops) are a pain in the weenies.

09:42:18 Jul 25th 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

We kind of want everything to go back to those days... It was more fun then... :/

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