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06:14:23 Apr 18th 09 - Mr. Beatness:

How come my production keeps dropping low? How do I keep it up at 100%? Anybody know any good ratios of buildings to houses and what not? Like, also, what's an ideal castle (buildings in it)?

09:32:24 Apr 18th 09 - Mr. Pure:

1 home to 5 buildings also it takes 5 pezzies for 1 economic building such as a farm a lumbermill a mine check ur production page see if ur population is max 100%


more experince players can tell u more but that is a part of ur question

11:37:06 Apr 18th 09 - Sir Muzzy The Harbringer:

First build in a lower ratio, like 1:4 or 1:3... once your unemployment is ~20%, finish bulding mines so the home:mine ratio is 1:5.
Be careful not to build too many homes in a city though... divide maximum buildings in a city by 6 to see how many homes you can have max.

15:32:10 Apr 20th 09 - Duke Random:

dont build like that its just stoopid.

build all the houses that you can with all your golds, then wait for the pez to fill the city, turn them into slaves and use the money from the slaves to build mines :)

17:03:24 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

where is the ENSLAVE PEASANTS button random??

btw how many werehouses should u build in order to get the most out of stg- not minimum number bt max werehouses?

19:28:28 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Pesto:

3k , with high magic power must be enough.

19:40:12 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

does every one agree 3k should b max if you have high enough magic?

shall we say 6 is high ir 8 is high?

19:55:00 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Pesto:

its doesn't depend only on sciences. It also depends on MU, distance (in that case magic towers...)

But , on the other hand, as most MU you use (and MT if you use them),  your loses will be higher.

Maybe with 5k Warehouses , and few Magic power, you get that high % dunnow exactly...

21:15:53 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Bragi:

5k warehouses 5k MUs and a good magic lvl shuld do it :P

21:42:13 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Bran:

more wares doesnt = higher stg
all your stone is stored evenly among your builngs. say if you have 100 stone and 2 mines, there will be 50 stone in each mine. so you cant possible stg it all in one go unless you only have 1 city.
each ware counts for 100 mines. so count your mines and decide how many wares youll need for the majority of your stone to be in that 1 city

00:40:28 Apr 25th 09 - Duke Random:

branny = tard at StG :)

1 warehouse can accomidate for 30,000 stone to be converted if i remember correctly.

the stone in StG is NOT distributed among your warehouses and mines... the power you cast with determines how much of your stone can be converted... im not sure if there is potential for 100% conversion.... because ive never cast with that many MU's

but i like to match the amount converted by the power with the amount of warehouses i have, depending on the size of the cast that will change.

so bran, more warehouses CAN equal more StG.... if you are limited by that factor.


the only time that it is calculated to be distributed amongst your mines and warehouses... is when calc plunder and city loss spoils....

00:47:40 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Bran:

hey thats what sloth told me 2 eras ago when i asked him....

01:11:39 Apr 25th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Random = tard.....Branny is the shizzle...dont mess!

03:33:53 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

bran are you sayin if i:

- produce 4 mill stone/tick at a rate of  5 stone per mine...if i (divide 4mil by 5)

- i will have 800,000 mines which means i will need......(800,000 divided by 100)

- 8000 werehouses to have all my stone in the werehouse sounds a lot to me!

but then again iv never been that rich cos that many mines should giv you more than 9 mil income after gold n tax!

i need to ask a vet farmer and who uses stg........any around?


the other thing............the&nb*beep*ount of stone turning to it dependant on your % when castin alone......or..........your magic power alone (as in science lvl) it both?

for example....which 1 will get more gold from 50mil stone.

- lvl 7 magic..............but has 45% chance when he cast the spell ( lack of mus)

-lvl 7 magic but has 65% chance.

-lvl 4 magic with 60% chance.

- lvl 4 with 45% chance.


03:36:02 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

sorry.......change that to lvl 4 magic with 65% chance to keep it simple!

03:42:43 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Bran:

err 8k wares would put half the stone in that city, cos you still got the same amount in all your other cities. but then who the hell has 800k

03:42:56 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Bran:

who the hell has 800k mines?

12:50:03 Apr 25th 09 - Lady Loud Tone:


18:34:46 Apr 25th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:


00:53:25 Apr 27th 09 - Duke Random:

its magic power that influences it.... and that is inluenced by the magic level which effects how much each MU is worth. :D

18:58:23 Apr 28th 09 - Lord Wraith The Hermit:

Experimental, the % is based on total Magic Power and size of target city.

Your calculations are correct... (I think ;) ) 8k warehouses = 800k mines. Therefore more warehouses means that more stone is stored in the city. Also, the higher the magic power, the higher the % of stone converted. personally, I find 64% chance of success to be a decent amount. Too much higher and diminishing returns comes into effect.

Don't know if that helped at all :)

08:18:41 Apr 30th 09 - Mr. Pineapple:

Theres little point in StG'ing unless your Human or even Elf
Thats that sorted
Or Ofc, unless you have a kingdom mate willing to StG one of your Warehouse cities for you

You don't need to try and StG on a higher % than maybe 60 [afaik]

13:05:07 Apr 30th 09 - Duke Random:

dwarf can StG :)

00:36:10 May 1st 09 - Mr. Pineapple:

Orcs can StG too, and trolls and haflings!

Random, everyone with half a brain knows the only races worth even trying to StG with are Human/Elf

04:32:32 May 1st 09 - Duke Random:

nope, late era dwarf can stg :) especially with static MU costs they wont rely on it like a hooman will though.... but i dont mind... all you dwarfs keep sellin all that stone to meh :D

00:22:54 May 12th 09 - Mr. Opportunity:

Mr. Pineapple


4/30/2009 12:18:41 AM
Theres little point in StG'ing unless your Human or even Elf
Thats that sorted
Or Ofc, unless you have a kingdom mate willing to StG one of your Warehouse cities for you

You don't need to try and StG on a higher % than maybe 60 [afaik]

That's what i did for my KD mates a few eras back. its a good way to feed orcs $$$ :). The messages yelling at me to StG did get kinda old though lol.

01:37:01 May 13th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

btw i just thought of something that makes the idea of StG being divided amongst your mines sound verrry wrong....

in theory then... if you had one mine, or warehouse. a singular building....

you could then cast an unlimited StG with a low mage count because it converts a % or your stone proportional to your distribution?

If you convert 100% of your distrbuted stone... thats a 100% conversion rate... reguardless of % of MP.

Im pretty sure that i am right in reguards to StG and stone... there is a max that each warehouse can StG, 30k per warehouse.....

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