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Protected by 50 rule
06:31:51 Jan 27th 13 - Mr. Vangard:

Basically what the situation is, is that I was protected from a ruler by the 50% rule and they had armies prepping on my cities.  It said that if I killed the army I would still be protected so I did it and now that I did, the remainder of the armies prepping on my other cities from the same ruler don't show that I am still protected by 50% rule. 

What I'm wondering is if this is a "glitch" and I'm still protected or if killing the armies prepping on one of my cities took off the 50% rule

06:42:32 Jan 27th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Mirai):

Did you continue to grow while being prepped on?

06:51:45 Jan 27th 13 - Mr. Vangard:

Yes, but not enough, right now it says that they have 3 times my land, but says nothing about the 50% rule when i click on one of the armies prepping on me

06:54:18 Jan 27th 13 - Mr. Pang Tong:

Is your gates closed? Closed gates instantly places you out of the 50% protection. Which then you should keep your gates open so they can only plunder you instead of taking over you.

06:58:51 Jan 27th 13 - Mr. Vangard:

nope the gates are open, I guess I'll find out soon enough lol

07:34:03 Jan 27th 13 - Mr. Nott:

I agree there is a glitch.  I currently have the same thing happening on another world with the 50% rule.  I am a Kingdomless player protected by the rule.  A large player from a kingdom started prepping on one of my villages.  I attaked him.  He was then able to send more troops and take 2 of my villages and he is still going.

09:04:44 Jan 27th 13 - Mr. Vangard:

Does anyone know if the 50% rule is broken when you attack some in a kd, if the entire kd can attack you if they have over twice your land or just that one person?

09:07:55 Jan 27th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Mirai):

Probably the whole KD

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