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Question About City Production
06:04:35 Aug 22nd 13 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Okay, say you take over a city you want to turn into an armoury.  You destroy all resource buildings.  The production is at 98%.  How can you increase the production back to 100?  Slaves don't work and it doesn't go up with more pez either...

07:31:09 Aug 22nd 13 - Yukan (Mr. Widenyo):

make a couple mines/farms/lumber mills until production is 100 again

12:11:40 Aug 22nd 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

Yeah its kinda weird how the production freezes. Building just 1 prod building should fix it.

16:08:07 Aug 22nd 13 - Prince Pesterd:

Production doesn't matter when you're building an armory though?

Does it effect the Pez growth?

16:24:04 Aug 22nd 13 - Binh (Mr. Booger):

affect training time in a sense. (troops start to clump up at the end rather than spread out evenly between all the ticks)

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