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Question Switching Kds
22:54:58 Oct 20th 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

When did swapping Kds mid-Era become Honourable?
Just out of curiosity :)

23:44:01 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Edd:

are you kidding me? Only since ever!

23:46:19 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Ruxbury:

For the matter of swapping KDs end-Era you might want to ask Adelbert..

23:54:16 Oct 20th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

unfortunately acting unhonorble seems to be the most fashionable thing to do on vu now

00:51:27 Oct 21st 09 - Mr. Kjetilbert:

Switching kds are ewul! Doesn't matter if you thought you had a go from your previous KD, no switch until the era AFTER, for you are most likely mistaken!! :) If you do this in spite of the great wisdom shared by this scarred soul (BEING ME!!), you are most likely young and stupid and should go do other stuff than sit infront of your computer all day. I learned this the hard way. Now i am an authority on the matter. Great success!

Also, Bane most certainly have much greatness

Adelbert out

02:38:52 Oct 21st 09 - Mr. Teirdel:

When your entire kd but you and 2 others becomes inactive i think thatd be legal so long as you dont attack your former mates. Active or not. Otherwise itll probally make you feel ill on the inside. I know i did when Newbie became pretty  much inactive. Had to join a cause worth living. Dishounerable, yes very. Neccesary, yes if i wanted a competitive advantage. Though now im dead anyways but i have learned quite a bit.

07:56:32 Oct 21st 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

Yea........ thats wht I thought ;) And I'm guessing the accepting Kd is also to blame? Funny, a Kd that has been whining and moaning about honour all era decides to steal some players from another Kd :P

10:56:02 Oct 21st 09 - Sir Aries II:

I think there are instances when you can switch kd's in mid era but I am also highly against it. When I join a KD, unless I promise one full era, I mean I will fight my hardest with that kd until I and the rest of the kd die in a war and end up having to restart. I also give them warning if thats the case. But thats really the only time I think its ok to leave a kd in mid-era. I hate true traitors ><

11:05:15 Oct 21st 09 - Sir Ultimatum:

I agree, if your kingdom has become inactive and another kingdom has offered a spot then that is honourable, but if you then started to farm your old kingdom mates then you deserve death. And death will come, death will come. If death doesnt come, pain will surely follow and if that does not happen someone will kick you and if that does not occur then someone will just RoF a scout of yours, and if that then I will give up.

11:33:50 Oct 21st 09 - Mr. Grimdeath:

There are more factors that play into the whole changing kds in mid era.  Like the first kd the leaders start to do dishonorable acts.  Say canceling naps or maps just because they want easy targets close to there cities.  Also the fact of being forced to join the first kd with the threat of death.  If you find a better kd and they are willing to take you in i say go for it.  But leave just because of lossing or the other kd looks more promising is traitorise and you must die.

23:37:09 Oct 21st 09 - Mr. Orcinus Orca:

When did swapping Kds mid-Era become Honourable?
Just out of curiosity :)


its never been and to me this seems like a silly question, like asking when did dogs learn to fly!

if you have a point to discuss or even better a flame war to start then lets get to it bt we can skip the silly questions

21:23:40 Oct 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

I'm just talking about Crazy who decided to steal a ROC member in Midgard just because he had the biggest army (which is weak, tbh) and attack his allies. Either way, I was gna get attacked but its disgusting to see him attack his former teammates, all of whom are new :\

Then you wonder where the new players are going? Hmm..

21:40:04 Oct 22nd 09 - Lady Woopsy Daisy:

here's a thought

maybe these players WANT to join Crazy :O

21:46:23 Oct 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

Leaving your Kd in the middle of the era is NEVER acceptable or, using the word you all love to fling about, "Honourable".
And ROC is an active Kd so don't bother using that excuse :)

22:18:27 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Platnium:

we were dead, do we feel betrayed... tbh a lil bit i do however i also understand he was in a position to do so. I was killed off anyway by someone i thought i could trust..o well my eco was dead to begin with. Wraith no worries era is almost over and you are ba so you can handle krizmn just fine. Of course lol he was the backbone of us i think mid era ;p.

22:20:48 Oct 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

Its the principle of the matter!
That little girl can't touch me... can't even scratch me... but the fact he backstabbed all you new members is just sad. Especially with no valid reason... Most other first era players aren't so "understanding" :\

22:23:43 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Platnium:

lol well i try to give ppl the benefit of the doubt.

"Only the strong may judge the weak."

lol wraith ur a good guy...and a scary one too i learned that quickly rofl.


22:25:30 Oct 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

Wait till you see me in a bad mood ;)
Heh, good luck with VU and tell me if ya need something though Teirdel :)

22:38:24 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Platnium:

hmm...ill pass as for now though perhaps in the future :D

23:01:21 Oct 22nd 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Lord Wraith The Inactive


15:23:40 Oct 22nd 09
I'm just talking about Crazy who decided to steal a ROC member in Midgard just because he had the biggest army (which is weak, tbh) and attack his allies. Either way, I was gna get attacked but its disgusting to see him attack his former teammates, all of whom are new :

Then you wonder where the new players are going? Hmm..
I did hear about that and I was rather disappointed in how things were.  Probably one of the only disappointing things for me this era.  Just from an observers point of view.  Then again, Arch Shade is about as trustworthy(from past experience) as a fox in a chicken coop...I remember a multi incident on Zeta when he tried infiltrating Predators(I think?) while his other account was in The Gauls(?). 

23:02:27 Oct 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

Arch Shade? Wtf is that?!

23:02:52 Oct 22nd 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Arch Shade = Hellish Holly = Krizmn

23:07:12 Oct 22nd 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic:

Crazy did not accept his application because of his size. I did not know what size he was. We accepted his application because of the Gauls and many members love of Arch Shade. He should not be attacking ROC and if he was ROC should have contacted our diplomats.

23:10:11 Oct 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

Arch Shade is that little girl?? No wonder He/she is so bad :)

23:16:17 Oct 22nd 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Remember when you were in Gruumsh and I was in RIP with Sci and Shezmu? He was Darque Shade and Arch Shade(supposedly.  I forget the arguments that era because I was busy killing).  I at least think it was that era...Then he disappeared.  Kev said that Shade ruined all of RoCs politics by talking with other KDs as if he was their diplomat and made all sorts of deals and stuff that RoC could not keep and then left...

23:20:08 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Ezatious:

meh usually its the case if someone switches they are not governed by any NAP or relations formed by the kd he joins so basically he is free game until he reaches an understanding with the attacking forces. Always the case for my kingdoms and most i deal with

23:21:43 Oct 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

Mhmm, I remember the gruumsh era...
Didn't know about the thing with ROC though or I would have trampled that Biatch instead of toying with him o.O

23:23:19 Oct 22nd 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

RoC was this era.  He was in Gauls and Predators in the era I was in RIP and you were in Gruumsh.  Does Kev not love you anymore? :(

23:27:04 Oct 22nd 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

I'm hardly ever home, hence why I go solo..

00:04:26 Oct 23rd 09 - Lady Woopsy Daisy:

I guess I'll worry about what Wraith and anyone else thinks of Crazy when I get my give a damn fixed  :D

00:44:14 Oct 23rd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

Roc was dead when some of them came over to Crazy, as for Holly/ arch I would take him over your entire alliance as he gives his word and keeps it. no idea why he left you but probbaly because after Crazy did so much to help ROC you losers napped no pulse after they backstabbed us. the honourable Roc players sent us several messages saying they disagreed with that.

00:46:21 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Platnium:

wraith none the less you are always welcome with roc. Krizmn was forming relations? I had no idea...though that might explain quite a few of the backstabs this era. However in his defense he did pick me up and teach me how to play the game, he hasnt done too many admirable things, however I still have to have loyalty to my mentor and stick up for him. He is lenient and a good individual once you get to know him. He also is active, probally one of the reasons i got along with him so when we were in newbie. I admit i too was dishonorable leaving newbie, as was everyone else despite what they say. It was inactive pretty much so we what is the word.....joined, annexed, idk into roc. From there tbh i believe it was temporary for some members an permanent for others. I myself plan to stick with rock all through next era, i beleive Elite does as well. Krizmn made a different choice from us, and no matter how dishonorable it may appear the entire band of Newbie warlords including myself have committed a foule deed. I do not see why this one should be different. Sorry if i am lacking in knowledge, it is my first era and well due to that I wasnt allowed to interfere with politics. (For good reason too..had no idea of that the rivalries in the game would be so feirce, kinda nice though tbh).

02:33:34 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Krizmn:

I switched over, cause RoC is not even on this world.  Also....what allies did I attack?  Switching to Crazy had no affect on who I was attacking. 

I am not even sure why you are bothered by it. 

I haven't played for many eras and wanted to become familiar with the changes.  Nothing I have done this era was honorable/dishonorable.  I played in a kingdom and we fought enemies.  Lord Wraith is making a big deal out of absolutely nothing.  I can't even understand what he is fueled by.

02:34:58 Oct 23rd 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic:

Maybe just another way to stick it to Crazy. Some just hate us because they can. LOL

02:43:40 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Krizmn:

Btw, what Charley is talking about happened over a year ago.  It was very complicated.  Since then, I got a chance to re-joined Predators and aid them and also became close friends with many of the members. 

Charley is a biased mod and should rarely be taken seriously.

02:45:56 Oct 23rd 09 - Lady Woopsy Daisy:


you scare meh

*skips off*

02:56:16 Oct 23rd 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

shoulda joined Google :P

Arch Shade is a nub, ditch him Psyche move in with meh! <3

02:57:09 Oct 23rd 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Mr. Krizmn


20:43:40 Oct 22nd 09
Charley is a biased mod and should rarely be taken seriously.

Biased mod? Says who? You? Pathetic.  Rarely taken seriously? Do you really want to test me? Who is your source that I am biased? Stewie maybe? LOL You are a joke with that one post...carry on...

EDIT - There are FAR more people on VU who would say I am one of the better mods while there is that small minority of people who think all mods are evil and biased.  Those people are the ones who post insulting/offtopic/junk posts and have them deleted, then turn around and go "Wtf happened to my post! Dam biased mods are out to get me!"

02:57:42 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Krizmn:

It's Psykee.  She can't resist my evilness.  Good luck stealing ma chika :-)

02:59:54 Oct 23rd 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

d'oh :P  It'll be hard stealin' her if I get her name wrong eh... ah well, sh*t happens, off to chasing Megan Fox again . >.>

03:00:12 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Krizmn:

A bias mod would make statements about another without actually confiding with the other party.  Posting the statements as if they were true or vague with little backing or investigation.

03:04:36 Oct 23rd 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Biased Mod = A moderator who deletes posts of people he hates, bans people just because they annoy him, etc.  I have done nothing biased.  Just because I am a mod and expressed my opinion on the same world at the time doesn't mean im a "biased mod" it means I expressed my opinion as a player. 
You can say "Wait, you didn't know that this really happened, etc etc etc and that it was all a misunderstanding.  You don't know the full story." or be like "Yeah, I learned from my mistakes and I have turned over a new leaf.  That happened way in the past and im better than that."

But just because im a mod doesn't mean I have to act all official all of the time...I like being a player and a poster as well :|

If im acting as a moderator, I normally post a picture of a kitten and say "Moderator kitteh as disaproved ur submishin"

03:05:45 Oct 23rd 09 - Lady Woopsy Daisy:

where's the <3 ??

03:08:03 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Krizmn:

Oh I did not mean to call you a "corrupt mod".

The reason that your statements are taken so seriously is cause you are a mod and also a player.  Thus much of what you say will be taken as fact, and with little questioning. 

Watching what you post is much more crucial and important than the average player.

I never knew you had issues with being called biased due to deleting posts and such as I have yet to experience these punishments from you.  I am merely replying to statements that you made directly about me as a mod/player.

03:08:09 Oct 23rd 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

more importantly

where's the beef??

03:10:19 Oct 23rd 09 - Lady Woopsy Daisy:


Ima girl I has no beefs

03:13:09 Oct 23rd 09 - Lady Kittie Croft:

 Well since Im the one chasing your bum Krizmn, least  good chunks of it, I must say it tasted way better, knowing you hopped from RoC to Crazy, just before we declared on  them XD

And yeah I am new to the game, but from what I get you are not, and apparently RoC is very much alive since they are scout killing like mad men.

It would have been far better beeing in RoC for the rest of the era, when this happened it was what 10 real days left.

wether its a mod or someone else saying this really doesnt matter I think, it seems to be pretty well rooted into the game.

03:16:10 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Krizmn:

You're not really chasing me.  I joined Crazy and didn't realize you guys were going to war them.  I had all my troops elsewhere, assuming my core was fine to the east.  Which of course was my mistake. 

90% of my cities were taken before I could turn my armies around.  So with little time left on the era, and just said screw it and went to attack something else rather than fight over my razed cities in a worthless effort.

03:24:06 Oct 23rd 09 - Lady Kittie Croft:

Wow, Crazy must have been pretty arrogant then not to warn you that you had to watch to that side after you joining then. It was like 24 hours the declaration that Kittie started going after you. You had oceans of time to turn arround if any of them had payed just a minium of attention. Of if you had....

03:25:48 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Krizmn:

Like I said, it was my fault.  I did not read the forums.  I didn't take this era that seriously.  I started really late and on Midgard at that.  You guys rushed a late starting world that has been ravished by other kingdoms from other world.

Don't expect to gain any glory.  You guys got free cities. 

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