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Question about Mages
19:32:56 Aug 8th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

From the guide I see all the mages have no defense stats, means they can not defend against any unit at all?


240 0 0

And here it says for peasants: Each peasant provides 0.05 defence.
Does that work for mages too, or they have no defense at all?

So technically if I would to notice a 100k mages army, I could send for example one Pony Riders to intercept and kill all of the 100,000 mages?

19:33:45 Aug 8th 13 - Zond (The Gravitation):

Yes, no defence at all.

Ive seen it happen a thousand times. :D

19:49:35 Aug 8th 13 - Mr. Ignis Moraigish:

0 u can kill 10k mus with one gaia easily execept trolls

19:58:31 Aug 8th 13 - Tyr (Mr. Hombre):

Yep, seen some hilarious moments with this :P

19:59:26 Aug 8th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Why are trolls different Ignis?
If you attack them first, they will die...
They dont have defense


240 1 0

19:59:49 Aug 8th 13 - Zond (The Gravitation):

u can still do it easy against trolls. just dont let him hit you first

22:04:49 Aug 8th 13 - Mr. Ignis Moraigish:

oops I thought they had 1 defence instead of one attack:P was it always this way

also is really weird that 100k mus can be killed with 100 ponyriders or something like that

22:12:41 Aug 8th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Where do you get that numbers lol...
We just said that 1 Pony Rider can kill 100.000 MUs...
Techincally 1 Pony can kill million MUs.

22:19:54 Aug 8th 13 - Mr. Ignis Moraigish:

I know though I never tested yet only with 1 gaia against 50k spellweavers but I lost two or three times  dont remember 

if u like u can always send some a horde of mus armies to me :) I try to not to kill all of them

22:39:33 Aug 8th 13 - Mr. Pang Tong:

If you got the magic, you can always freeze the scout from killing you :P

00:39:26 Aug 9th 13 - Bran (Duke Brannigan):

if you send 100k mages with no defence then you deserve to lose them all....

09:44:52 Aug 10th 13 - Arkantos (Mr. Landry):

actually 1 pony rider couldn't kill 50,000 Troll mages in the field. In the field troops use half of their offence and half of their defence which would give them 25,000 DP in the field.

10:03:26 Aug 10th 13 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

"In the field troops use half of their offence and half of their defence"

Was changed a while ago.

15:59:54 Aug 10th 13 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Slacker):

A while ago = 10+ era agos.... :)

So long ago that I don't remember when :D

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