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Question about anger
19:16:15 Sep 21st 12 - Mr. Merlin The Mage:

If I cast anger on someone and their morale goes down a bit

What happened next tick?
If I managed to get someone 5% lower, and they have 95%
What would happen next tick, they get 100% or stay at 95% ?

Not city with taverns, but an army...

19:27:43 Sep 21st 12 - Mr. Jumentous:

i thought this was going to be some sort of psychological thread. now im not interested

19:47:00 Sep 21st 12 - Dragon (Mr. Firebrand):

lol unless they have happiness cast upon the army it should stay at 95%

02:00:15 Sep 22nd 12 - Bartimaeus The Reborn:

lol Jum

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