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Question about armageddon
13:51:20 Dec 11th 12 - Mr. Siepels:

Hello armageddon has been cast, when it has been cast in fantasia does that mean all worlds have to start over?

14:17:14 Dec 11th 12 - heroix (Mr. Flying Dutchman):

Only Fantasia.

14:54:01 Dec 11th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

It used to end all worlds, but now It only ends the world where it has been casted.

18:23:06 Dec 11th 12 - Mr. Siepels:

so how does a world end now, and how do you get with your kingdom to an other world without being behind

19:27:18 Dec 11th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

it ends when more than half of the alive players in the realm vote Yes. You are still part of your kingdom if you didnt leave it, so you will spawn where they do.

Example, If someone from your kingdom lands on talent, the entire kingdom and you will land on talents. if someone lands on latha everyone will land in latha, so if better if you ask your leader before landing :)

21:47:06 Dec 11th 12 - Mr. Siepels:

Ok thank you for all the answers may we meet again in battle :)

00:42:20 Dec 12th 12 - Pure (Lady Slowty Mcslow Slow):

Worlds are no longer connected so the world you land on is the world you stay on.

If Arma is casted on your world if more then half vote yes then the world ends instantly, if less than half vote yes then the timer will clock down until 0 when the world ends. Alternatively if  the city is destroyed then it will end arma and the era continues.
Also if arma is casted then gets destroyed then casted again you aren't allowed a second vote.

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