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Question about magic weapons
02:55:50 Jul 26th 10 - Mr. Erobos:

if i merge my army without magic weapons casted on it into one that does have it casted will the army still have magic weapons on it or will i have to recast it everytime i merge?

04:32:09 Jul 26th 10 - Dr. Evil Smevil:

when you merge the magic stops

04:47:05 Jul 26th 10 - Mr. Admirable:

Erobos, MW survives merging. Ignore the previous poster, it doesn't know how to play this game.

06:12:13 Jul 26th 10 - Duke Wraith Hearts Wwr:

Admirable, Zeta changed it a couple eras ago, I think.. I haven't checked recently to make sure but I think any magic is stopped when you merge.

06:16:14 Jul 26th 10 - Sir Butters:

Hehe, you should check then, might be surprised ;)

06:20:41 Jul 26th 10 - Mr. Erobos:

I have merged 4 times still has magic weapons, now I kill this fool who attack my trainee :D

06:20:53 Jul 26th 10 - Duke Wraith Hearts Wwr:

I'm lazy, can't be bothered :)

09:17:08 Jul 26th 10 - Dr. Evil Smevil:

Erobos over time you will get used to the juvenile comments.  Zeta changes stuff enough that if you don't haunt all the forums you sometimes aren't current.  LOL  good to know you carried it through

09:46:04 Jul 26th 10 - Mr. Admirable:

You also won't be up to date if you're an inept player (you'll get used to those too, Erobos). 

Btw, MW surviving merges wasn't posted on forums by ZeTa.

15:03:19 Jul 26th 10 - Duke Wraith Hearts Wwr:

I'll be honest; I am both inept, and inactive. To be honest, mostly because I can't be bothered and don't really care :)

And he didn't mention it specifically, but I remember him saying something about merges removing protection and other beneficial effects. I could be mistaken, I just go by memory and this is from long ago. 

05:54:01 Sep 10th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Any update on this? Havent tried it myself yet. Does it carry over into a merge? Also What effects can you expect if you cast it on a city? All troops within get the bonus? What happens if they move from the city? Thanks in advance for the help!

07:03:22 Sep 10th 10 - Junior Guildmaster Dragon:

I too would like to know for sure.

07:48:29 Sep 10th 10 - Konig Polydeuces:

it does stay in effect through merges as I've done the testing, also as erobos stated himself he did the testing too :) however i do not know if the troops get it after moving out of the city

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