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Question for you Halfers
12:08:26 Sep 15th 16 - Mr. Batez:

First time playing halfer, never thought I would say this but its fun.

Though im very confused on the science plan for this race, been told a few different things,

currently I have mining 8,
no other sciences ATM, should I invest in others or get exp for advents and do it that way. or both?

any other halfer tips would be great and im a keen learner if you feeling teaching

12:13:10 Sep 15th 16 - Mr. Fecker:

Depends how you want to play your era. If are going to focus more on magic than fighting, then start your magic sciences, and same with military if your focus is more on the fighting. Once advents start finding sciences, you can get lumped with sciences you dont quit need straight away like lumber and food, pushing the price of sciences for magic or military out of reach.

14:26:24 Sep 15th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion of Casterly Rock):

Iv found 25-30 sciences in an era and only 1 of them was military or magic

Its all about luck when your treasure hunting.

14:44:29 Sep 15th 16 - Mr. Batez:

okay I might start paying for mil science then. thanks guys

16:18:46 Sep 15th 16 - Ms. Jasmina:

Its not about luck, its about how many advents have experience, the more you have, better chance to get military or magic sciences. Farming and lumber you get the most, medicine never.

If you are first time halfling player keep in mind you might not even get any sciences if there are many other vets playinh halfling. Your army needs to get exp, best way going to enemy and getting hit hard so you almost die. 

17:04:49 Sep 15th 16 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Resilient):

I found 20 magic sciences one era, along with 4 or 5 military levels.

18:04:13 Sep 18th 16 - Mr. Batez:

Do your troops (advents) get exp for fighting even if they lose?

18:30:27 Sep 18th 16 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes):


19:37:11 Sep 18th 16 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier):

yes but the army can't be killed

07:38:04 Sep 21st 16 - Mr. Batez:

great thank you

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