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Real Life Freinds
22:14:38 May 15th 12 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybeanz):

In my kingdom I have 2 real life friends. I occasionally go on their computers to play the game.. is this dangerous? 9/10 I play on my own computer but 1/10 I go on my friends. Any chance of making sure I'm safe? I got my friends playing this game personally. 

22:50:15 May 15th 12 - Mr. Devi:

Swifty and I are....

01:11:09 May 16th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Son of Odin):

You need to send zeta a letter explaining this to be on the safe side.  Otherwise you can get caught up in a multi sweep.

And remember that babysitting your friends account can get you into trouble as well.

08:22:12 May 16th 12 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybeanz):

Oh I never do the babysit thing, I just occasionally go on my account at friends who also play the game. 

09:26:43 May 16th 12 - Pure (Mr. Ineedanewname):

I use to do that as well. I got done for like 60mins a lot then it got to stupid and we made a rule that we wont go on when we are at each others houses unless its totally important. Although this was about 4 years ago now so a lot has changed.

I would suggest doing something like that, just to stay on the safe side :p

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